Big Data and High-Impact Business Analytics

The benefit of creating a big data platform is it allows companies to unleash the power of the data they have been collecting over the years and may not be fully harnessing. When data is fed into a common platform and data points are explored, patterns could be uncovered to look at relationships over a period of time.

“Ready or Not” Is Your Guide to the Digital Revolution

"Technology can unlock new horizons for even the oldest mammoths -- if they have the audacity to reimagine themselves.” For Damarillo, training Filipino leaders to excel in the digital future is a personal advocacy: one that includes the empowerment of young hackers, artists, makers, and changemakers as much as the industry giants.

Infrastructure for Innovation: Why Legacy to Cloud Native (L2CN) is the New Architecture for Digital Transformation

The idea behind L2CN is to minimize risk and maximize the opportunity for innovation. In an L2CN enterprise, the company invests in extending and strengthening their legacy system -- while at the same time building new services and products for the cloud, where they can be deployed, modified, and scaled with ease.

Amihan and Summit Media Launch “Ready or Not”

Their calls to action: read up on the coming technological trends; think critically and take nothing for granted in the next decade of rapid change; and finally, hone in on the creativity and spirit that makes us uniquely human in the new age of machines.

Decoding Digital: A Primer to the Future of Industries

This primer, an accompaniment to Ready or Not, aims to shed light on 3 key technologies that will disrupt business in the Philippines: blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Alistair Israel: The Tech Revolution Is Only Beginning

For Israel, who taught himself to code at age 10 and built one of the country’s pioneering web a few years out of college, technology will always represent this: a revolution in how people in countries like the Philippines are able to create solutions and connect the world. The best part is that it’s only beginning.

“Fire It Up!” Challenges Young Hackers to Build Mobile Apps

This is where Amihan envisions its role in the startup ecosystem: to become a marketplace that connects small developer teams with large enterprises. Product teams and individuals can focus on innovating, while Amihan can find markets and partners for them.

Amihan Launches Book & Digital Innovation Center

Damarillo envisions the office as a place where innovation teams from large companies can work side-by-side with entrepreneurial upstarts, and forge new ideas that cross boundaries.

Amihan at Hadoop Summit 2016

All throughout the event, I kept thinking how overwhelming it was to see how big the community has gotten, and how many of the biggest enterprises in the world now leverage on the technology. It is a confirmation that digital transformation is not just a fad, but is a MUST, and that data will be the most precious asset of any company.

Making the Best of Mobile Engagement

Imagine if you could send targeted messages through all those devices—these little portals that lead directly to consumers who can’t wait to check their notifications. That’s a lot of people your enterprise could be talking to, not to mention a lot of people who could be genuinely listening.

How Digital Customers Can Help You Build a Better Business

Every business transaction starts with the consumer seeking satisfaction, and with so much access to information via digital devices, needs are becoming more personal and specific.

The Big Deal with Big Data and Personalization

What Big Data and personalization have to offer enterprises is the ability to make the customer a partner in business. Using technologies such as Hive and Hadoop to mine and process data from daily digital transactions, enterprises can effectively “listen” to their consumers and empower them by giving them more of what they need.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Imagine a world where: online access is a basic right; you control devices with your brain; you produce any product just by printing; your car fills itself up with gas; and the mobile phone makes banks obsolete. As political and business leaders work with each other and the academe to find sustainable ways to adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, human beings will soon live in such an interconnected world.