Reach your customers at the right time through the right channels

Nimble is an omnichannel engagement platform for creating contextual experiences for your customers. It leverages Big Data, AI, and Dynamic content so you can engage your customers in a meaningful way, wherever they are.

Create relevant and personalized campaigns that produce measurable results.

Customer Care
Take advantage of Big Data and AI to deliver superior customer service at scale.

Seamlessly transact with your customers via mobile and chat securely and reliably

Nimble Campaigns

Nimble Campaigns allow you to select specific targets and customer profiles, set triggers and rules, and use dynamic content to create personalized campaigns that can be sent through the relevant digital channels.

  • Reach micro-segments of your audience
  • Create context-driven campaigns
  • Personalize messages with dynamic content

Enterprise Ready

Easily integrate with enterprise systems to set the right context and reach the right audiences.

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