2016 made one thing clear: technology is fast changing society and disrupting industry in the Philippines. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived, ushered in by political upheavals and viral memes that were, at their core, powered by the Internet and big data.

On Friday, January 27, Amihan Global Strategies convened entrepreneurial leaders from across sectors to prepare for the digital revolution. The event celebrated the launch of Amihan Chairman Winston Damarillo’s new book, Ready or Not: The 6 Big Disruptions That Will Change the Way We Do Business, as well as the Amihan Innovation Center, a new collaborative space in Ortigas Center’s Orient Square designed to accelerate innovation. Special guests in attendance included Senator Bam Aquino, Golden ABC’s CEO Bernie Liu, and Nestor Tan, CEO of Banco de Oro, who wrote the foreword for Ready Or Not.

Ready Or Not, here comes the digital disruption

(L-R) Bernie Liu, CEO of Golden ABC, Winston Damarillo, and Sen. Bam Aquino

Winston Damarillo treated the audience to a preview of Ready Or Not, his new book outlining the technological trends and building blocks that are transforming lives of the Filipino customer.

“It’s a new game,” said Damarillo, “and it comes with a new set of rules that we can’t ignore. Enterprises need to adopt a new mindset that embraces data, responds to customer needs and taps into the power of their communities.”

Ready Or Not brings together Damarillo’s insights and experiences from Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and the Philippine business community, and combines it with illustrations from acclaimed comic artist Manix Abrera to form a dynamic picture of how the Philippines will look in 2025. Each book comes with a card game by Upstart creator Richard Dacalos, which helps readers experience disruption for themselves.

Ready Or Not was published by Summit Books, and is now available in all National Bookstores and Power Books locations across the country.

Breaking down barriers to activate innovation

The event also marked the opening of the new Amihan Innovation Center, a collaborative workspace in the Ortigas area that was built to accelerate digital innovation. Damarillo envisions the office as a place where innovation teams from large companies can work side-by-side with entrepreneurial upstarts, and forge new ideas that cross boundaries.

Ace Subido showcases UNAWA during the Amihan Innovation Center Launch.

Currently, the space brings together Amihan’s business minds with their product teams, which focus on customer intelligence, interactive platforms, and cloud-based digital infrastructure. During the launch, clients were toured around the space and given live demonstrations of Amihan’s mobile customer engagement platform NIMBLETM, the Big Data and Analytics Platform UNAWATM, and CLOUDBLOCKSTM, our cloud-native infrastructure used for rapid innovation. The Amihan Innovation Center also serves as a home base and event space for entrepreneurial organizations like Global Shapers Manila, the youth group of the World Economic Forum, and Kaya Collaborative, a nonprofit that brings young global Filipinos back home to work with social entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

“Digital disruption can be scary, but it can also help us become a stronger and more dynamic nation,” said Damarillo. “It will take all of us working together to get there.”