Welcome to the age of digital disruption. Over the past decade, the Internet has unleashed a new wave of technologies that are destroying old business models and redefining what is possible. Banks, retail brands, media companies, telcos, and even political establishments have struggled to find their footing in the new digital landscape: one in which upstarts can scale and take down incumbents in little time.

How to transform? The process starts with understanding what the digital future has in store. This primer, a companion to AMIHAN Chairman Winston Damarillo’s book Ready or Not, aims to shed light on 3 key technologies that will disrupt business in the Philippines: blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data.

You’ve heard them all before, but what do these words even mean? What does it mean for you, the Filipino business leader? This document will serve as your key to unlocking the meaning and opportunities behind the jargon.

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