AMIHAN to release a comprehensive Cyber Resilient Infrastructure

The Filipino customer has gone digital. The Philippines has the 2nd fastest growing population of internet users in the world, and Filipinos spend more time on social media than any other country. But as companies move to engage them through digital platforms, they expose themselves to cyber attacks, scaling issues, and system problems that can jeopardize their customer relationships.

Amihan Global Strategies, a Filipino technology company that accelerates digital transformation, is now offering a comprehensive resilient infrastructure solution that includes fault-tolerant cloud architecture, end-to-end threat monitoring, and data privacy consulting. Amihan aims to empower enterprises to innovate digitally on a stable and secure foundation that ensures the protection of their customers’ digital assets.

Cloud Computing Goes Native

Amihan Cloud Blocks is a fault-tolerant, hybrid cloud infrastructure that allows enterprises to distribute workloads, tolerate failures, and recover quickly with little or no impact to end users. By integrating the public cloud with companies’ private servers, Cloud Blocks enables enterprises to access the agility of cloud-native applications while strengthening the security and integrity of their legacy IT systems.

Amihan Cloud Blocks is 100% pre-engineered solution based on industry standards OpenStack, CEPH and Kubernetes – but optimized for the ASEAN region. Fault-tolerant, software-defined storage uses replication to safeguard against drive failure. Microservices and containerization allow companies to respond to specific threats and points of failure without bringing the entire enterprise to a halt. All of this is fully-managed and locally supported by Amihan’s team of experts.

Cyber Defense Gets Analytical

Locking your front door is no longer enough. Enterprises must use big data and analytics as new weapons to detect, deflect and deter cyber attacks before significant damage is done.

Amihan Shield is a tool for end-to-end monitoring and analysis of cybersecurity threats, powered by best-in-class cybersecurity technology providers Cloudflare and Anomali. Cloudflare ensures that enterprises are protected from online threats ranging from comment spam to malicious denial of service (DOS) attacks. Amihan’s Modern Honey Network, in conjunction with Anomali, an enterprise management system for honeypots that act as bait, mimicking vulnerable servers and desktops to deceive, slow down, or detect hackers, malware, or misbehaving users.

These tools and others allow Amihan to create an industry ISACO (Information Sharing and Analysis CyberOps) which collects, analyzes, and disseminates critical threat information to enterprise Security Operations Centers.

Data Privacy Protection Becomes Paramount

In a digital economy with endless choices, digital consumers are fickle and can switch quickly. Protection of personal data will become a foundation of trust.

Amihan offers data privacy consulting to help businesses protect their customers’ personal information and comply with the Data Privacy law. Amihan’s team of legal and technology  experts help businesses revise their Privacy Statements and consent forms, modernize their data storage systems, and more.

“Digital transformation requires end-to-end execution of infrastructure that brings together innovation, cyber protection and trust,” said Winston Damarillo,  “The Amihan Cyber Resilience Suite of Cloud Blocks, UNAWA and Shield accelerates our customer’s journey into cyber commerce.”


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