AMIHAN joins the Hyperledger blockchain collaborative

Open source blockchain project seeks to revolutionize business

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Amihan Global Strategies, a technology company that accelerates digital transformation, has joined Hyperledger (, a global collaboration to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. AMIHAN is the first Filipino company to join the Linux Foundation’s initiative to advance open-source blockchain technology for all.

Blockchain revolution

Blockchain is the technological backbone that powers digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A blockchain is a peer-to-peer, distributed ledger that allows people around the world to link their computing power to create permanent records of exchange and build systems that have trust, accountability, and transparency at their core.

Thanks to blockchain technology, everyday individuals have formed networks that allow them to transfer money in a way that is faster, more efficient, cheaper, and more secure than existing banks. But the implications go beyond finance. Blockchain technology has the potential to solve problems that run that gamut from storing health records to tracking ethical consumption, monetizing digital content, optimizing supply chains, tackling voter fraud, and more.

Foundations of a distributed future

Hyperledger brings the world’s best minds together to create open-source blockchain technologies for business. Hyperledger incubates eight business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies including Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Iroha and Hyperledger Indy, among others.

Hyperledger is housed under the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit that develops sustainable ecosystems around open source projects. By doing so, it aims to grow the pool of shared technology resources, thereby accelerating technology development and commercial adoption.

“We believe that blockchain and smart contracts are the key to preparing Southeast Asia for the digital age,” said Winston Damarillo, Chairman of Amihan Global Strategies. “We look forward to working with our clients – some of the largest enterprises in ASEAN – to transform finance, healthcare, retail, and customer loyalty in one of the fastest growing economic regions of the world.”

Amihan has several Blockchain initiatives underway, including working with financial institutions to create a permissioned blockchain network that can enable secure and frictionless transactions between different business entities.

“As leaders of digital transformation in the the Philippines, we see Amihan as a key partner for Hyperledger’s impact in the ASEAN region,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger. “We are excited to work together to advance blockchain technology for the world at large.”