Project Managers

Senior Level Reporting to Enterprise Architecture in Ortigas & Makati, Metro Manila

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About Amihan

Amihan is a Filipino term describing the season dominated by favorable trade winds. Our name is an homage to local merchants trading goods throughout Asia, consequently bridging the region with the world.

For the past few years, Amihan Global Strategies has been charting a similar path — connecting the Philippines with the global economy by leveraging international expertise and local knowledge to transform how we do (and change) business in the Philippines and ASEAN.

We connect the region’s top enterprises with resilient technologies and innovative insights. In this process, we transform industry players into game changers, and champion a new playing field in the Philippines.

What You'll Do

As a project manager, you’ll chart waters, both familiar and not, for each project that surfaces. You’ll lead your trusted crew of developers and engineers through tasks then meet them at deadlines that work for everyone. When your ship encounters bad weather, you’ll use your people skills bring the best out of your crew to usher everyone through the storm. Coupled with careful oversight, coordination between your crew and others aboard will enable the timely and efficient completion of projects to ultimately stay your course.

You Are

-Seasoned. You’ve juggled several big projects and are looking for your next challenge to flex your ICT and Project Management Frameworks muscles.

-Resourceful. You’re putting out the fire while everyone else is making emergency calls. You’re also able to fashion a unique way around, through, under, and/or over every roadblock.

-Collaborative. You’re the captain, but you know your ship couldn’t sail without your crew.

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