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About Amihan

Amihan is a Filipino term describing the season dominated by favorable trade winds. Our name is an homage to local merchants trading goods throughout Asia, consequently bridging the region with the world.

For the past few years, Amihan Global Strategies has been charting a similar path — connecting the Philippines with the global economy by leveraging international expertise and local knowledge to transform how we do (and change) business in the Philippines and ASEAN.

We connect the region’s top enterprises with resilient technologies and innovative insights. In this process, we transform industry players into game changers, and champion a new playing field in the Philippines.

What You'll Do

As a data entry specialist, you’ll do desk research for our clients and digitize your discoveries. You’ll scour the seas to find information apt for your project, then use your research to create listings. In addition, you’ll respond to inquiries about listings as well as encode, update, and consolidate existing ones.

You Are

-Eager. You’re excited to use our applications, work with major tasks assigned to each resource, and design listings. If you don’t have data entry experience, you’re ready to be trained. Nonetheless, you’re organized, keen to details, and quick to learn. You’re willing to work on a shifting schedule and during holidays, too.

-Efficient. You’re comfortable providing feedback on systems so we can improve processes for our machines and our humans. You can increase in data production percentage year by year.

-Educated. You hold a bachelor’s degree from a four year institution, and you’re proficient in written and spoken English.

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