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About Amihan

Amihan is a Filipino term describing the season dominated by favorable trade winds. Our name is an homage to local merchants trading goods throughout Asia, consequently bridging the region with the world.

For the past few years, Amihan Global Strategies has been charting a similar path — connecting the Philippines with the global economy by leveraging international expertise and local knowledge to transform how we do (and change) business in the Philippines and ASEAN.

We connect the region’s top enterprises with resilient technologies and innovative insights. In this process, we transform industry players into game changers, and champion a new playing field in the Philippines.

What You'll Do

As a technical support engineer, you’ll be the lookout, handy(wo)man, and consultant for our cloud computing platform deployments. You’ll keep a close eye on our products and address flaws before they escalate into system issues. You’ll be responsible for repairing hardware faults, software problems, and technical issues-- and you’re comfortable summarizing your findings. Along the way, you’ll use your ingenuity to create temporary solutions while a more permanent resolution is in the works. You’ll also resolve issues from end users and test software updates to ensure that our deployments are always up-to-date.

You Are

-Experienced. Preferably, you have one to four years of experience specializing in IT / computer - network / system / database admin or equivalent. You also have strong Linux administration skills. Experience in Openstack, Ceph, Kubernetes, SQL is a plus.

-Quick on your feet. You thrive in fast-paced environments. You’re always at the top of your game, ready to answer questions and provide updates on the fly.

-Forward-thinking. You know that technology is anything but stagnant, so you anticipate your next steps. You’re committed to process improvement because you know it’ll strengthen your project’s support. You’re always willing to test software, conduct maintenance, and fine-tune software performance.

-Imaginative. You think about network design, along with implementation and maintenance. You envision the scalability of your projects.

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