Manila, Philippines (November 15, 2018) – Digital transformation accelerator Amihan has announced that it will serve as a premier member of the Ceph Foundation and its global community. As one of the Foundation’s founding members, Amihan will take part in leading the continued development of the Ceph open-source project.

A leader in the region’s technology industry, Amihan’s innovative solutions and platforms are purpose-built to push the boundaries of long term, sustainable growth by enhancing and scaling the IT framework in enterprise systems.

Ceph, an open-source software, is a unified distributed storage system providing applications with object, block, or file system interfaces for advanced storage capability. Efficient and highly scalable, Ceph can significantly lower the cost of storing large data in the cloud or on any object, block, or file system.

“Investing in open-source technology such as Ceph is a step towards a better digitized future,” said Winston Damarillo, executive chairman of Amihan. “As a premier founding member of the Ceph Foundation, Amihan is committed to working with the other members of the community in expanding the possibilities of the Ceph ecosystem.”

A top mandate of the Ceph Foundation is to setup a coordinated, vendor-neutral system to distribute financial contributions for the immediate benefit of the community. This in turn will lead to faster adoption rates, additional training for developers and users, and fruitful collaboration efforts within the greater Ceph ecosystem.

“The launch of the Ceph Foundation is a testament to the strength of a diverse open source community coming together to address the explosive growth in data storage and services,” said Sage Weil, Ceph co-creator, project leader, and chief architect at Red Hat for Ceph. “We welcome Amihan’s participation as part of the Foundation’s work to foster continued innovation in scale-out storage.”

The Ceph Foundation was established through the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to enabling mass innovation through open-source technologies. According to Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, the Ceph Foundation “will be able to harness investments from a much broader group to help support the infrastructure needed” for the continued stability and growth of the Ceph project.”


About Amihan

Amihan is a leading digital transformation company. We are innovators and thought leaders in Blockchain, AI, Analytics, and Cloud Native Infrastructure. We draw on our partnerships with the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Sovrin, Hyperledger, and the Ceph Foundation to develop strategies, solutions, and platforms for the top enterprises in the ASEAN region.