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All Levels Reporting to Product Development in Ortigas & Makati, Metro Manila or Cebu, Philippines

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About Amihan

Amihan is a Filipino term describing the season dominated by favorable trade winds. Our name is an homage to local merchants trading goods throughout Asia, consequently bridging the region with the world.

For the past few years, Amihan Global Strategies has been charting a similar path — connecting the Philippines with the global economy by leveraging international expertise and local knowledge to transform how we do (and change) business in the Philippines and ASEAN.

We connect the region’s top enterprises with resilient technologies and innovative insights. In this process, we transform industry players into game changers, and champion a new playing field in the Philippines.

What You'll Do

As a software developer, you’ll create new tools to better navigate (and expand) digital disruption. Your work makes our journey possible and sustainable. Your day to day is a bit like Blockchain — distributed, transparent, ever-evolving. You will wear many hats as you create products with tangible effects on the largest enterprises and most impactful industries in the region. Software developers based in our Manila offices will be more software design oriented, while those based in our Cebu office will be focusing more on software development.

You Are

-Proficient. You understand concurrency, data structures, algorithm formulation, and estimation of running time. You are also well-versed in object oriented programming, SQL and engineering design, systems analysis and design, and web development, with specific knowledge in application design patterns (MVC, IoC, DI), software development methodologies (Waterfall, SCRUM), testing concepts (Unit Testing, Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing), and cloud computing platforms.

-Restless. You have experience in Go-lang, Ruby, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, JavaScript, ReachJS, Node.js, Git, Ceph, and Linux.

-Collected. You have it together and can bring people together, too.

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