IT developers and security experts met up at the Amihan office in the Zuellig Building, Makati last March 7 for the first Amihan Tech Briefing, organized in partnership with GitLab.

The Tech Briefings is a series of free learning sessions created to share the latest technologies and strategies for digital transformation. Titled Driving Innovation with DevSecOps, the day’s event, organized by Amihan and GitLab, centered on the current role of DevSecOps in modern software development.

Amihan’s Chairman, Winston Damarillo, kicked off the session with a short opening message about the driving force behind the new event.

“We were looking for opportunities to talk about our innovations with our partners, but we wanted something that was more casual. The ideas that we will share here, if used well, could be game changers in the industry”, Damarillo said in his message.

Joining the Briefing as speakers were Amihan’s Vice President for Enterprise Architecture, Alistair Israel and GitLab’s Technical Account Manager, Guenjun Yoo. Israel focused on the advantages of adopting a DevSecOps environment, while the latter half featured Yoo conducting a practical demo of GitLab’s latest software platform.

“Enterprises are facing growing consumer demand from customers who are now digital natives,” Israel said on the current state of technology, “What used to take decades to reach 50 million users now only takes several days.”

“Sometimes, we don’t commit to security checks because most often we push things to market as quickly as possible. People make mistakes, but not out of sheer malice to destroy work, but because we’re only human,” Israel explained as he positions the need for better security and control in DevOps processes.

Yoo, meanwhile, presented GitLab as a timely solution to an old problem. “In most organizations in the past, the engineering teams do their own processes and make working cohesively very difficult. This lead to the massive number of tools users had a hard time using.” He goes on to say that the simplified pipelines in GitLab are meant “to address the toolchain crisis through one, simple tool.”

Jerry Rapes, Amihan’s President, connected with Damarillo’s remarks in his closing address, emphasizing the importance of creating and scaling advanced technologies today for the needs of tomorrow’s consumers and businesses.

“Today is a good reminder of how far our industry has come in terms of enterprise development. The market rewards institutions that prioritize agility and service delivery while keeping an eye on the future,” Rapes remarked.

Thank you to our guests for joining us and we look forward to seeing you in the upcoming Tech Briefings!

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