At a certain point in our careers, we decisively take actions that lead us closer to our goals. For me, it was moving to Amihan to become a business analyst, and being assigned to a particular novel role.

Working as an SAP consultant and a business analyst for a big cargo firm has its advantages. The job gave me a sense of reliability, comfort and structure. Once I had a grasp of how the system works, I eventually built my ability and expertise to answer any issues raised by any internal, or more often, external stakeholders. And that’s good. But at a particular point in time, I started noticing a sense of repetitiveness in the tasks I was doing. The work was challenging yet not challenging enough to let me grow and learn more as a professional. 

Eventually, I decided to move forward with my career and started working for Amihan last year. And with a fourteen-year corporate stint under my belt, I felt confident that I can manage. However, being in a company which embodies a Google-start-up culture was particularly new to me – thus, I felt uncomfortable. 

Amihan’s open, radical, and unconventional approach in finding solutions for clients was an eye-opener. Besides the energy and passion of my colleagues, the way they handle their respective roles was initially intimidating. But I later found out that that energy makes me want to be more passionate and focused on what I needed to do. The thing is, that uncomfortable feeling I felt was actually the beginning of my journey in becoming a better professional.

Working with younger people and their energy and enthusiasm for new ideas pushed me to be more flexible and creative in handling work-related issues. I remembered during a discussion session, my initial idea captured the requirement for a reported issue in a project. Yet, as we went along the discussion process, we discovered more holistic solutions that better answer the root cause! It is these moments that allow me to improve my way of handling and dealing with different scenarios and to assess, compartmentalize and hone into the core problem. Over the past few months, I also have become a teacher and mentor to my younger team members as I was tasked to oversee their daily tasks.

Another thing that struck me working in Amihan as a business analyst was their trust in your work and recognition of your efforts. Being in a startup environment greatly magnifies each individual’s contributions. When the resulting output is excellent, Amihan’s management acknowledges and shares it to the rest of the company. This way, all members are made aware of each team’s participation and that their collaborations help clients digitally transform their processes. That these solutions provide answers to their core needs and requirements and enhance their competitiveness. 

Amihan also challenged me as a professional – I was put in work situations I had never been. Despite the challenges, my teammates and I continue to learn to become better analysts. I believe that having experienced such obstacles would allow us to be more equipped for our future projects. 

Working in Amihan challenged me to my core, reignited my passions to become a better professional, and added value to my career. 

Renan Mendoza works as the Lead Business Analyst for Amihan. His interests include backyard astronomy, travelling and cultures, performing arts, cooking and playing sports such as basketball and swimming. Connect with him through LinkedIn.