Whether it is the ‘new normal’ or otherwise, enterprises today have several opportunities and challenges to consider. Among these is the mad dash for new digital solutions- companies are now more open to adopting technologies they would not have considered months ago.

E-commerce sites, digital payment channels, and other online digital services are just some of the solutions gaining traction in this new business environment. It’s difficult to imagine now not being able to pay for a purchase without your bank account connected to your mobile banking app or e-wallet or to meet your friends or colleagues through video conference calls.

Part of this rapid digitization is the urgent requirement to open businesses safely amidst the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Currently, most companies have health and safety guidelines in place to ensure the safety of both employees and customers. However, these strict measures often involve slower, manual data capture methods such as paper logbooks and forms, as well as long lines that risk people to further exposure.

SafePass is a digital incident mitigation and management, health declaration, and capacity planning solution that makes safety protocols and contact tracing efforts easier for businesses, employees, and customers. An enterprise-level version called SafePass Enterprise allows companies with bigger, more complex operational needs to customize the workflows of their safety guidelines with a suite of enterprise features, across multiple locations.

SafePass Enterprise for Stress-Free Incident Management

With the need for speed in effective contact tracing, SafePass Enterprise combines the use of accurate health data collection and advanced technology to implement an incident mitigation and management platform. This eliminates the need for businesses to use log books or other paper-based health forms in contact tracing and speeds up and improves the response time of incident management personnel.

SafePass Enterprise allows bigger businesses to tailor-fit and implement COVID health and safety protocols according to their needs. Safety or operations officers and branch managers have a full set of tools to ensure safe, stress-free spaces for their employees and customers:

  • Run establishments safely by customizing operation schedules and customer capacity. Configure multiple or custom schedules and fix the specific operating hours that your establishments will run on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Handle employee shifts and run batch employee data uploads through an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Faster contact tracing through a list and batch notification with multi-level filtering
  • Accurate data capture of customer health data through a customizable digital health questionnaire
  • Manage Entry Requests to your establishments through SMS, chatbot, and web
  • Quick Incident Management with message notifications via chatbot or SMS
  • A customizable back-end and consolidated reports across all establishments

Customers who will sign-up for a SafePass to enter establishments will find that the safety protocols, such as the health questionnaire, can be accomplished through their mobile phones. They can apply for a SafePass even without a wi-fi connection or mobile data, and they can even request one through SMS.

“We wanted to develop a solution that will not only help businesses reopen — but a solution that would also contribute to safer spaces throughout the country,” said Winston Damarillo, Executive Chairman of Amihan and CEO of Talino Venture Labs. “The more effective we are in our incident mitigation and management, the sooner quarantine restrictions can be eased and the sooner everyone can get back to business.”

Building Trust and Confidence

With proven expertise and experience driving technology projects for leading businesses, Amihan’s digital transformation team will provide consultation and guidance for businesses adopting SafePass Enterprise, including customizations and integration. This will allow enterprises to focus on what is important- providing service to their customers in safe, stress-free environments.

“Safety remains a critical issue. Many businesses have reopened, but employees and customers have issues about their safety,” said Jerry Rapes, President of Amihan. “With SafePass Enterprise, businesses will be able to provide safety for their employees while in the workplace and the peace of mind for their customers.”

Several partners of Amihan who are leading companies in their industries are early adopters of SafePass Enterprise. Using the solution to not only re-start their operations in the new normal, these partners would also want to build trust and confidence with their employees and customers:

Leading Insurance Provider deploys SafePass Enterprise

A leading insurance and financial services company deployed SafePass Enterprise in several sub-locations such as several floors and departments in their main office building, and in other crucial facilities and offices. Their need for a quick-to-deploy digital contact tracing and case management solution was born out of their urgency to reopen their offices safely after weeks in strict quarantine.

By adopting SafePass Enterprise, they were able to not only get a digital solution that is well-integrated into their safety protocols, but they are able to assure their people that the business will operate efficiently through the current pandemic. “We want to instill the value of trust and confidence in working with our employees and in engaging with our customers,” said the President and CEO of the company, “With SafePass Enterprise, we can keep this promise as we look to thrive in this ‘new normal’ and contribute to rebuilding the economy.”

Top Conglomerate Secures Offices through SafePass Enterprise

A major holding company in the country (with interests in consumer goods, utilities, financials, and industrial products) has adopted SafePass Enterprise to secure its office premises. Instead of relying on paper and pen registration to trace the whereabouts of employees before entering their offices, they have begun using SafePass’s digital incident mitigation and management features- employees are each given QR codes or passes after passing the digital health questionnaire. Office entrances are then equipped with QR scanners to capture data from these QR passes.

In case of an incident, safety officials can use their incident management dashboards to run immediate contact tracing and send out notifications to those who were in close contact with the reported individual case.

Major Office Building Kept Safe Through SafePass Enterprise

Another Filipino holding company is using SafePass Enterprise to safeguard one of its primary office buildings. With investments in education, steel products, business process outsourcing, property development, and energy, implementing SafePass for this facility required covering multiple floors and department offices, as well as the efficient coverage and protection of the building’s many employees.

With its unlimited capacity planning feature for multiple locations, the company’s safety and management officials use SafePass Enterprise to institute custom operating schedules and capacity rules per floor, department office, or tenant. They can configure the day or specific hours in each schedule, and adjust according to the safety and capacity needs of the company. This makes operations simpler and much more predictable.

Digital Transformation through Crisis

Enterprises require the flexibility and speed to digitally transform their businesses to become much more resilient against crises. Rapes underscores how SafePass Enterprise can be a way for businesses to thrive again in the ‘new normal’. “With SafePass, we are determined to apply our deep technical expertise and domain experience to help our partners drive the changes they need to emerge stronger from the current crisis.”

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Hart Ang is a content writer and digital marketing specialist.