Amihan CTO, Francisco Reyes, to discuss how technology can drive and accelerate efforts to achieve inclusive growth 

Manila, Philippines — September 7, 2020 — Amihan Global Strategies (Amihan) — an ASEAN leader in digital transformation — joins this year’s Seamless Philippines Virtual event, a two-day online conference from September 30 to October 1.

The overall theme of Seamless Philippines Virtual is “the Future of Commerce in the Philippines,” which highlights the latest trends, technology, and solutions on payments innovation, banking, financial inclusion, e-commerce, and retail strategy, and digital identity. 

Amihan Global Strategies is an exhibitor at the Seamless Philippines 2020 Virtual Event.

Amihan’s key highlights at the conference will include:

  • A track presentation with the topic “Creating Inclusive Growth with Technology

Francisco Reyes, Amihan’s Chief Technology Officer, will deliver a talk and share insights on today’s technology enablers: cloud, blockchain, and analytics and how businesses can leverage these technologies to accelerate digital transformation and foster inclusive growth. In addition, Reyes will also be sharing real-world co-innovations by Amihan in the banking and financial services industries.

Date and Time: September 30, 2020 11:30 am 

  • A virtual exhibition

Amihan, a leading digital business transformation service provider in ASEAN, will showcase the following solutions:


    • Amihan Campaign Engine – Amihan Campaign Engine is a digital campaign management and engagement platform that enables marketing and product teams to send personalized campaigns across channels, devices, and platforms at scale.
    • SafePass – SafePass is an all-digital COVID19 incident mitigation and management platform that eliminates the need for businesses to rely on manual contact tracing methods, such as paper forms and logbooks. It’s designed to help organizations of all sizes easily implement health and contact-tracing protocols within their physical spaces, empowering them to deliver the best experience for their visitors, customers, and employees.
    • SafePass Enterprise — designed for organizations with complex operational requirements and multiple locations — enables large companies to customize SafePass to fit their needs.  For additional information about SafePass and SafePass Enterprise, visit our virtual booth or head to


Amihan has a long-standing record of developing digital transformation solutions — enabling its enterprise customers with technology, from cloud computing to artificial intelligence and blockchain. 

Together with its partner, Talino Venture Labs, an inclusiontech venture builder, Amihan remains committed to building a better, connected world — contributing to a more inclusive growth within ASEAN.

“Digital transformation is instrumental and a game-changer. At Amihan, we care deeply about providing value to our customers and their customers, as well as making a positive impact on the Philippine economy. We go beyond enterprise projects; we co-innovate with our partners to develop inclusive solutions that move the needle to solve societal challenges.

When digital innovation is inclusive, it disrupts the way markets operate. Everybody in the ecosystem wins,” said Jerry Rapes, President of Amihan. 


Technologies that are shaping the new normal

Over the past few months, digital experiences and solutions have surged due to the pandemic’s effects. These include, but are not limited to, online marketplaces, open-architecture ecosystems, digital banking and payments, and contactless solutions.


Chatbot conversations and experiences – Chatbots enhance customer experience and have become widely accepted in engaging customers. Chatbots have also become a more practical substitute for traditional forms of communication. 

For instance, Saphron’s conversational chatbot called helps enroll new customers of micro-insurance products in a matter of minutes.

AI-powered chatbots and those integrated with other systems, such as content management software and customer relationship management platforms, are also gaining ground. In this period, when more consumers are spending their time online, chatbots offer businesses an opportunity to improve engagement processes and operational efficiency by reducing the cost of customer service.

Personalized digital services – Customers are demanding more and more personalized interactions. From the business point of view, personalization helps to enrich the customer experience and improve conversions and customer retention. 

Companies must transform the way they manage data to stay competitive. As an example, running personalized and relevant campaigns means that customer data from different systems, devices, and channels are unified in a single platform. This single platform then enables business executives to understand customers’ behaviors better, craft campaigns that best suit customer needs, and make meaningful connections with everyone.

Contactless payments and digitized financial transactions are in high demand, given the need for social distancing. The move away from cash will persist as it offers a safer way for people to transact financially.

For example, an online loan application solution that makes it easier for borrowers to apply for loans and streamline the loan approval process at the back end can improve turnaround time.


“Our mandate has always been about accelerating our customers’ businesses and today — in this crisis — we see more opportunities to scale and evolve our digital solutions to create new pathways for economic inclusion,” said Rapes.

“We are incredibly excited to take part in Seamless and look forward to network with potential partners and new customers.”

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