Amihan’s Data Science Lead and chief data scientist, Rikki Lee Mendiola, will share insights at Seamless Philippines 2021 that will greatly accelerate the delivery services of banks and businesses.


Amihan Global Strategies (Amihan) – a regional leader in digital transformation, will once again join the Seamless Philippines Virtual Event, a two-day online conference that highlights the latest insights in the banking and e-commerce industries. The event runs from October 12 to 13, 2021. With a focus on elevating the latest technologies in payments, e-commerce, and digital identity, the event seeks to highlight the tremendous growth in the number of online transactions, a sign of greater things in an ever-changing, dynamic global economy.

Amihan Seamless Philippines 2021

Here are Amihan’s highlights for the event:

  • A presentation on Working with Big Data: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Rikki Lee Mendiola, Amihan’s Data Science lead and chief data scientist, will deliver a presentation on the promises, challenges, and current opportunities of working with data, most especially in the banking sector. Rikki will also share her experience working on different analytics projects and the solutions developed for them. 

“Our position in the industry gives us unique insight into how analytics has played a key role in shaping the relationship between banks and their customers. There are multiple data science solutions that can be used to solve different problems. But we have found that many of these technologies do not scale to what a business already has, and have features difficult to implement.” 

“The analytics projects we handle focus on solving specific business problems. We’re excited to share these with the participants of Seamless Philippines,” says Rikki.

Date and Time: October 13, 2021, 1:00 pm

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  • A Virtual Exhibition

Amihan’s virtual exhibition will showcase key solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journeys:

  • Amihan AnalyzeAmihan Analyze is an end-to-end big data analytics solution that helps companies eliminate data silos and speed up time-to-insight. It’s built using best-in-class open source data processing technologies, including Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Apache Nifi. Get an in-depth look at Amihan Analyze by downloading this guide.


  • Amihan Cloud BlocksAmihan Cloud Blocks is a cloud-native, software-defined infrastructure that allows enterprises to rapidly deploy IT resources and harmonize legacy and next-generation applications in a unified ecosystem. For companies looking for a private or hybrid cloud option, set up a virtual meeting with the Amihan team to learn more about Amihan Cloud Blocks.

  • SafePass– SafePass is an all-digital COVID-19 incident management platform that eliminates the need for businesses to rely on manual contact-tracing methods, such as paper forms and logbooks. Serving thousands of establishments and several local government units, it is designed for easier implementation of health and contact-tracing protocols in physical spaces. SafePass Enterprise, meanwhile, was designed for enterprises and large organizations with more complex operational requirements and multiple locations.


For more information on SafePass:

Amihan’s track record of developing and delivering digital solutions to enterprise customers-from cloud computing, to blockchain and artificial intelligence- is matched by its efforts to develop collaborative relationships with its partners.


“We believe that big data and analytics play a crucial role in modernizing how businesses operate and serve customers. A part of our mission is providing rapid, positive change; by building the next innovations in fintech and big data, we look to create immediate impact and growth for our partners,” said Jerry Rapes, President of Amihan.

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