Amihan enables Alfresco enterprise content management for leading businesses in the Philippines and in the region.

Amihan’s team of certified architects and engineers can help plan, deploy, manage, and maintain your Alfresco business platform.

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Amihan is Your Partner for Alfresco

With Alfresco, you can manage and secure your content in the cloud, your people can collaborate better, and you can create more meaningful connections with your customers at speed.

Adopting Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions is highly recommended for companies that require on-demand performance for critical operations. Amihan, as an Alfresco Systems Integrator, provides Alfresco consulting, development, maintenance and support services for enterprises. We can also design and implement custom-built solutions for specific requirements.

Alfresco Consulting Services 

Alfresco consulting, development, and maintenance and support services are core competencies in Amihan. Our consultants and engineers have extensive experience working with organizations in the banking and insurance industries to create and support Alfresco enterprise content management (ECM) for the Philippines and the rest of the region.

Each Alfresco deployment was consulted on and developed closely to ensure cost-effectiveness. And with our Sustaining Engineering team’s 24×7 Alfresco platform support, we make sure that every deployment is supported and maintained to client specifications. 

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Alfresco Content Services

Alfresco Content Services (ACS) lets you create and manage content, scan and capture important documents, collaborate with colleagues, and provide information governance.

Easy to

Alfresco Content Services is highly configurable and reusable, with components for modern and responsive web and mobile applications.

Quick Documents

Find the files you need faster by using instant search suggestions and filters. Alfresco’s search engine uses metadata in files for faster search.

Document Capture
and Scanning

Convert static paper documents into actionable data. Alfresco’s OCR can capture documents and data from nearly any source.


Strengthen information governance and compliance with automated lifecycle management controls.

Transforming Legacy Core Systems with ACS

NCS is a multinational technology and telecommunications firm based in Singapore.

The firm needed a centralized storage solution with governance management to reduce business risk and strengthen compliance.

Alfresco ACS- Alfresco Content Management | Amihan Global Strategies

We helped NCS deploy Alfresco Content Services (ACS) and their own Desktop Sync solution

Infrastructure Discovery and Planning

Amihan’s team worked with NCS to gather requirements for the deployment system planning prior to installing ACS.

ACS Installation and Support

Amihan’s engineers assisted the NCS infrastructure team in installing their instance of ACS, which included proper installation, configuration, and integration with the rest of their system.
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Alfresco Process Services

Alfresco Process Services (APS) is a scalable and agile business process management (BPM) solution for larger organizations. Untangle messy workflow and automate repetitive work through a reliable process design.

Synchronize Business Processes

Alfresco APS can help you define your business processes across multiple business units with Step Editor modeling tools.

Integrate New and Old Processes

Alfresco processes can be integrated with older processes through BMPN 2.0 and DMN standards. APS is an open API with upgrade paths in the future.

Prevent Work Outages and Downtimes

Activiti is Alfresco’s open source business process engine. It allows for high-level scalability and optimizations while minimizing downtimes.

Open and Scalable
Workflow Management

Alfresco Process Services was created to help personnel handle a variety of critical business processes.

Using the Activiti open-source business process engine, the platform has a suite of tolls that integrate with Alfresco Content Services, Google Drive, Box, and other common business process services.

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