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Achieve Business Growth with the Alfresco Digital Business Platform 

Today’s businesses should consider using a solution to digitize their content and processes. However, it is tedious to convert these into an enterprise content system- one that contains automation, organized content storage and management, and security and optimization. Prioritizing this solution can make it easier for enterprises to scale and grow their business.

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is a suite of Alfresco services, applications, and interfaces implemented in the cloud. The platform is designed for content management, process workflow and automation, and information governance functions.

Key features that make the Alfresco Digital Business Platform a viable solution for enterprise content management and workflow automation include:

  • Business units can create bespoke solutions faster, including but not limited to, document filing and access, document capture and storage, automation of process workflows, and work collaboration tools
  • It is open-source and low-code, with developer tools and pre-built integrations coming in as standard applications
  • Its information governance functions allow businesses to adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Its information governance functions allow for better document lifecycle management records security
  • The platform is cloud-based, reducing capital investment and maintenance costs

Modular Architecture for Scalability

Adaptability is a cornerstone of modern enterprise solutions. Alfresco addresses this need with the Digital Business Platform with its modular architecture and deployment in the cloud. This scalability ensures that the platform can seamlessly evolve with the business, accommodating fluctuations in data volume and integrating with emerging technologies.

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform was designed to better manage and deploy content and processes for Enterprises.

The main components of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform include three Alfresco Solutions:

Alfresco Content Services (ACS): a full-featured Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and 24/7 support for business-critical content and compliance. It can also serve as a repository for content, metadata, associated data, and full-text indices. Users can easily find, view, and collaborate on documents, and share digital content securely within their organization’s bounds.

ACS’s capabilities include:

  • Document management
  • Document scanning and capture
  • Collaboration tools across the enterprise
  • Information Governance
  • Intelligence and Analytics

Alfresco Process Services (APS): an enterprise-grade Business Process Management (BPM) solution used to create flexible and mission-critical business processes. It uses the open-source business process engine called Activiti and provides tools to further integrate with other enterprise systems, such as Alfresco Content Services, Box, and Google Drive. Users can visualize process designs, decision tables, and process analytics, and change them according to operational needs.

APS capabilities include:

  • Business process synchronization with modeling, deployment, and critical updates through the Step Editor
  • BMPN 2.O and DMN standards to integrate with older processes
  • Automation of repetitive tasks through integration with ACS
  • Dashboard to monitor performance and analyze outcomes of business processes

Alfresco Governance Services (AGS): Governance Services combines records management with modern Security Controls and Classification. It is most often used in highly regulated environments that require secure control and access, such as governmental information or personnel records. AGS allows enterprises to fully automate their record lifecycle management, from capture to retention to destruction. Using Security Controls and Classification allows business units to control who and when records are viewed and accessed.

AGS capabilities include:

  • Electronic and Physical Records Lifecycle Management
  • File planning, which includes auto-numbering for record categories, record folders, and requirements
  • DoD 5015.02 CH3 Certified and ISO 16175 compliant
  • Configuring security classifications (i.e. Confidential, Secret, Top Secret levels) to implement access control
  • Retention and Destruction of records

Transforming Legacy Core Systems

We helped NCS Singapore, a telecommunications and technology company, deploy their instance of Alfresco Content Services, along with a Desktop Sync solution. 

This enabled the company’s employees to work and collaborate securely with secure document sharing and records management. 

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Why Get Alfresco DBP?

Redefining Remote Collaboration

In an era where remote collaboration is paramount, traditional tools often need to be revised. Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform redefines collaboration by offering a centralized platform accessible through the cloud. This not only facilitates real-time collaboration beyond physical locations but ensures that teams work with the most up-to-date information. A Research Gate study underscores the profitability of effective collaboration, emphasizing the platform’s technical prowess in fostering global teamwork.

Fortifying Data Security

The escalating sophistication of data breaches necessitates a robust approach to cybersecurity. Alfresco integrates advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption, access controls, and audit trails, fortifying the platform against security threats. The Ponemon Institute underscores the financial imperative of such measures, highlighting the platform’s technical acumen in mitigating data breach risks.

Automation for Innovation

Innovation flourishes when routine tasks are automated, liberating resources for strategic endeavors. Alfresco serves as a technological catalyst for innovation by automating mundane tasks. A McKinsey study validates the correlation between a strong innovation culture and outperformance in the business landscape.

Future-Proofing Operations

The dynamic nature of the business landscape demands solutions that can seamlessly adapt to technological advancements and regulatory shifts. Alfresco empowers organizations to future-proof their operations, aligning with a  Gartner prediction that foresees the necessity for a digital business strategy by 2025 to maintain competitiveness.

Businesses that take on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform can optimize their content and processes, ensure compliance and risk mitigation, and cultivate a collaborative environment that propels them into a successful and sustainable future. It is a scalable solution flexible enough to grow in capacity for organizations with extensive requirements.

Amihan can help companies in the Philippines and the region to successfully adopt and integrate Alfresco solutions into their existing infrastructure.

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Bernadette Valerio holds the position of Marketing Associate at Amihan Global Strategies, where she combines her expertise in graphic design with her extensive experience in the field.