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Amihan Analyze is a fully-integrated big data analytics platform that enables businesses to accelerate time-to-insight. Built with the world’s most successful open-source data projects, it combines high-speed data processing from Apache Spark, the highly parallel and distributed query engine from Trino, and the flexibility of Apache Kafka and Apache NiFi.

This technology stack allows Amihan Analyze to be highly versatile and scalable for many workloads-from ad hoc projects to mission-critical tasks.

Why Amihan Analyze?

From data storage, processing, visualization, and reporting, Amihan Analyze is the fastest way to data-driven decisions.

Eliminate Data Silos

Breakdown silos in your data and ingest into a common repository for analysis

Increase productivity

Perform complex calculations, predictive analytics, and data modeling on both structured and unstructured sets of data

Speed up time-to-insight

Allow users, regardless of skillset, to explore data through visualization and customized reports via a self-service interface

Accelerate your
Journey to
Actionable Insights

Is it taking too long to translate data into business value? Amihan Analyze is a big data analytics platform that delivers speed, scalability, and performance to support your most demanding analytic workloads.

Whether processing your data on-demand or streaming to produce near real-time results, our technology stack is versatile in handling your data requirements.

Data Platform

Conduct seamless business analytics with a consolidated set of data storage and analytics tools, all ready for immediate deployment

Built-in data governance
and security

Supports encryption at rest and role-based access control upon data access

Complex and Fast
Data Processing

Ingest data at high velocity with Apache Spark and Apache NiFi. Explore data and build rich visualizations with Apache Superset and Apache Zeppelin

Flexible deployment

Deploy where you need it – one-premise via Amihan Cloud Blocks or on the public cloud

query engine

Perform query federation, interactive data analytics, and in-place analysis through Trino

Visual Data Flows

Create data pipelines without the need for coding through Apache NiFi’s easy-to-use graphical WebUI

Resilient and scalable data
storage and management

Data storage infrastructure stores data in a decentralized and replicated manner providing resilient and fault-tolerant data management capabilities

Easily Explore Data

Amihan Analyze allows users, no matter the skillset, to explore data and build interactive dashboards quickly and easily with Apache Superset

Flexible pricing and
licensing options available
to suit your needs

Connect with our sales and see how Amihan Analyze can help you meet your business goals.