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Innovate faster with Amihan Cloud Blocks

Amihan Cloud Blocks is an on-premise, cloud-native, and software-defined infrastructure solution that helps you modernize your data center, enabling you to deploy new IT services and solutions with speed and scale.

Why Amihan Cloud Blocks?

With Amihan Cloud Blocks, you can accelerate the provisioning of IT resources, deploy applications, and deliver to customers rapidly.

Dynamic Computing Environment

Launch virtual machines with SSD Boot and have the capability to connect to local or cloud storage

Cloud Blocks Storage

Unify different storage interface needs for applications and secure data with distributed and fault-tolerant clusters
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Cloud Containerization

Enable continuous deployment of workflows- automatically scale and downsize applications with ease and federate to the public cloud

Transform your Legacy systems to Cloud-Native infrastructure

Our private cloud solution is designed, engineered, and tested for enterprise deployment.

With our Managed Cloud Services and 24/7 support, you are ready for mission-critical deployments without having to worry about physical and software configuration issues.

Simplified Acquisition

Cloud Blocks is delivered to you pre-configured, tested, and ready to operate

Easy Pilot

Start small and scale your infrastructure to suit your growing needs

Basic and Premium Support Options

24/7 Support, on-site repairs, and Same Week Replacements are all included in the Basic Support Package. Premium support upgrades are also available upon request

Single Integrated Dashboard

Easily manage and monitor everything, from user access to current storage usage, from one dashboard
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Ready to Build the Future in the Cloud?

Connect with our sales team and schedule a live demonstration of Amihan Cloud Blocks.