Meet the Amihan Crew: Dhana Castillo and Her Talent for the Arts

Meet the Amihan Crew: Dhana Castillo and Her Talent for the Arts

In this article, we’ll delve into Dhanna’s experience working with the Amihan Crew, their talents outside of work, and how these endeavors contribute to their personal growth.

With a penchant for adhering to stringent quality requirements, the ability to work collaboratively well, and thoughtful decision-making, Dhanna Castillo brings a unique perspective to the Amihan Crew.

Having joined Amihan in August, Dhanna reflects on her first year with the company as a mind-stirring yet worthwhile experience. As someone who values attention to detail, Dhanna finds fulfillment in meeting the high-quality standards set by Amihan. She thrives in an environment that encourages collaboration and thoughtful decision-making, making their role an essential component of the Amihan Crew. When asked to describe Amihan in one word, Dhanna chooses “nimble.” She believes that Amihan’s strength lies in its agility and adaptability. With the rapid emergence of technologies, Amihan is always ready to rethink its business strategy, processes, and approach to solving problems, allowing the organization to stay ahead of the curve.

( Dhanna with her teammates in Amihan’s head office in Ortigas. )

One of Dhanna’s favorite things about Amihan is the abundant opportunities to learn and grow. The organization’s knowledge transfer sessions have provided Dhanna with invaluable insights and skill development. Dhanna recognizes the significance of continuous learning, which fuels their curiosity and facilitates personal and professional growth. Embracing the chance to explore new areas of expertise, Dhanna appreciates the beauty of expanding their horizons.

In a surprising twist, Dhanna revealed that she initially aspired to be a mass communication student. She dreamt of becoming a radio reporter, a voice actor in a radio play, or a radio show host. Dhanna’s immersion in a local radio station during their senior high school years ignited her passion for the medium. 

Dhanna also enjoys video editing, finding joy in the expressive potential of colors and art. Other hobbies she enjoys include cooking, writing poems, playing the Kalimba, layout design, painting, and graphic design. These creative pursuits provide an outlet for Dhanna to unwind and escape the demands of reality.

( Sample artwork from Dhanna. )

During their college years, Dhanna served as a writer and layout artist for their university’s official publication. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the team managed to release the magazine digitally, showcasing Dhanna’s unique style. Additionally, during an OJT experience at a startup company, Dhanna took charge of social media postings, graphic design, and creating a new logo for the business. Dhanna is thrilled to have the opportunity to apply their hobbies and share their talents with others.

Dhanna’s hobbies have played a crucial role in their personal development. By embracing failure as a means of learning, Dhanna has grown both as an artist and as an individual. Whether it is making mistakes in the kitchen while cooking, mixing the wrong colors while painting, or struggling to find the right chords on the kalimba, Dhanna recognizes that failures lead to new knowledge and potential. Through these experiences, she continues to push herself, striving for improvement and finding beauty in the imperfect.

( In her spare time, Dhanna also does physical activities, like climbing. )

Dhanna is a valuable member of the Amihan Crew, bringing meticulousness, good teamwork, and decision-making skills to their role. Outside of work, Dhanna’s diverse talents in cooking, poetry, music, art, and design provide a means of relaxation and self-expression. Her journey of personal growth through embracing failure serves as inspiration for others, reminding people to appreciate the beauty found within all things.

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