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Meet the Amihan Crew: Eanne Consista and Her Passion for Dance

Get to know Eanne in this edition of Meet the Amihan Crew!

Meet Eanne, one of the most inspiring members of the Amihan Crew. Eanne, whose full name is Ethelyn Anne Consista, describes her role in Amihan as “thought-provoking” and “enlivening”. She has been with Amihan for a while now, and she finds her role challenging, yet fulfilling and satisfying at the same time.

When asked to describe Amihan in one word, Eanne confidently stated that it is “purpose-driven.” This is evident in the company’s approach to work, where they prioritize creating a positive impact on society and empowering their people.

One of Eanne’s favorite things about Amihan is that the company does not limit its people’s growth. They allow team members to explore their potential while providing an environment for them to fall down, get up, and continue playing. She believes that the company is committed to the continuous growth of its employees, even casting a vision of growth that the employees themselves cannot see. For Eanne, this creates a positive and empowering work environment that encourages everyone to be their best selves.

Outside of work, Eanne is a talented member of 4DK, a dance group that participates in local and international competitions. Dancing gives her the opportunity to shift to an entirely different world, where a different kind of mindset and skills are needed for her physical and mental training. It also provides her with a break from technology since dancing requires focus and face-to-face interactions.

(Eanne and her dance group, 4DK, after winning an international dance competition)

Aside from dancing, Eanne also enjoys traveling and doing physical activities such as wall climbing, ice skating, bowling, hiking, and cliff jumping. She is a thrill-seeker who is always in search of the next adventure. She also likes doing breakout rooms and other activities that require problem-solving. This reflects her love for challenges, which she carries in her personal life and career.

(Eanne’s award-winning costume for last year’s Christmas Party)

Eanne’s talent for dancing has helped her to become a better person. It has trained her mindset to focus on what she wants to achieve and has helped her align her tasks with her goals. Dancing has also given her a better perspective and understanding of collaborating with people from different walks of life and fields of expertise. This, in turn, has developed her empathy towards others. Dancing has also taught her discipline in organizing her priorities and following them accordingly. Lastly, it has instilled in her the importance of hard work and aiming high to exceed the old version of herself.

Eanne is a valuable member of the Amihan Crew who not only excels in her role but also has a passion for dancing and adventure. Her talents and experiences have helped her to become a better person, and we can all learn from her dedication and drive to improve herself continuously.

(Eanne and the Amihan Crew at last year’s Christmas Party!)

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