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Meet the Amihan Crew: Judy Ann Adalia on Her Journey to Growing and Overcoming Challenges

Get to know Judy Ann in this edition of Meet the Amihan Crew!

Judy Ann Adalia, also known as Jude, is a highly valued member of the Amihan Crew. She describes her role in the company as invigorating yet mind-boggling, with barely any dull moments. When asked to describe Amihan in one word, she immediately chooses the word, “challenging.”

What she loves the most about Amihan are the different opportunities for personal development. Whether it is cultivating a resilient and growth-oriented mindset, improving skills or capabilities, or having the opportunity to realize one’s potential to become the best version of themselves, she believes that Amihan values the growth of its employees.

Judy never dreamed of becoming an IT professional. Her initial aspiration was to join the medical field, participate in medical missions, and serve in different communities.

However, at the age of 16, she grabbed the chance to become more independent and explore the field of technology. Eventually, she grew fond of studying and troubleshooting technical issues, which led her to become a “doctor for technology.”

Women in IT are still considered a rarity, given that it is a male-dominated industry. However, Judy feels that Amihan has created an environment where one’s capabilities are not defined by gender, appearance, or affiliation. Instead, one’s merit is determined by their work ethic, resilience, and body of work.

For women considering a career in IT, Judy’s advice is to not focus on the big wall in front of them. Technology is rapidly changing and is the only constant in this world. “You need to embrace it and ride it to achieve your goals”, Judy added.

Besides her work in Amihan, Judy spends her weekends in church or volunteering in the community. She finds fulfillment in serving others, such as feeding the hungry or teaching children in remote areas. And when she needs to destress, she turns to music, playing the guitar or the piano. Judy’s passion for community service and music helped her have fun and unwind outside of work. Seeing the smiles of the children she helps gives her life more happiness and purpose, allowing her to set aside the stresses of life.

Overall, Judy is a woman who exemplifies resilience, hard work, and a positive force to serve others. Her story inspires us in Amihan to strive for our goals, embrace change in the workplace, and create an environment conducive to personal growth.

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