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Meet the Amihan Crew: Macelle Legaspi is an Ambitious, Creative Super Mom

In this edition of Meet the Crew, Macelle Legaspi, our Director for Marketing, shares her passions and growth as a woman, a mother, and a professional of many talents.

Call me Macelle, /ˈmæsəl/. I am an ambivert- ambitious, competitive, and resourceful. I am all of these things, but sometimes not. But one thing I can say for sure is that I have done some pretty crazy things in my life.

I am a single-parent homeschooler, a digital content creator, an entrepreneur, and a business development professional. I’ve been part of the Amihan family for more than three years. My work primarily revolves around cultivating relationships with customers and finding opportunities to work together. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be part of such a great team. 

Me at work! Attended TIM’s Client Appreciation Night

My journey with Amihan has been very challenging and fulfilling. I joined the team to lead the marketing operations, and then our President, Jerry Rapes, pulled me to join the Sales team. That was probably in early 2021, a year into the pandemic. When people ask me what I do, I often tell them, “Oh, I help solve problems.” Honestly, at the end of every day, when I get a chance to reflect on my accomplishments, I realize that my contribution to Amihan is helping to resolve our challenges.

I am happy and immensely proud to be working with the Amihan crew. We have many talented people here, and I admire their passion and dedication- I mean that. If I start naming names — well, I might as well identify everyone. But here is what I believe: At Amihan, you will find a home filled with uniquely talented individuals. And just like any home, our Amihan family members require nourishment to thrive.

We may be living in more challenging times — but greatness often emerges from adversity, right? By working as a cohesive team, nurturing trust and respect among ourselves, and committing to success, there’s nothing beyond our reach. Nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it. The impossible becomes achievable, as ChatGPT wrote.

So, anyway, let’s talk about what I do outside of work. Where do I start?

Like I said earlier, I am a homeschooler. The moment I discovered the Charlotte Mason approach, I began to question what traditional schooling could truly offer my child. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a direct message, and I’d be happy to discuss more about it. What I love most about homeschooling is spending time with Olivia, my eldest child, and witnessing her grow. One of my deepest insecurities stems from not feeling my parents’ involvement when I was little. I played volleyball throughout my academic life, but I only remember a single instance when my parents watched me play. Homeschooling allows me to learn with and from Olivia in moments I never thought I would. Homeschooling has also allowed me to be very involved and purposeful as a parent. I believe being purposeful will contribute to long-lasting positive effects on my children’s intellectual, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social well-being.

Me and Margaux, my three-year-old

People misconstrue homeschooling as incredibly difficult, but I have found it to be manageable. Like I said, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!

When I was writing this, I asked Olivia if she wanted to try attending “the big school,” and she said no. She said she wanted to continue with homeschooling as it allows her to learn while spending time at home. I bet she did not want to wake up early!

Speaking of teaching, I have always believed it is my calling. Teaching is not new to me. I have taught multimedia studies at the College of St. Benilde during the early 2000s.

As for my interests, I am a bit of a history and literature geek, to be honest. I also like mythology, art, music, philosophy, reading and memorizing poems, and learning new languages.

Creative Mondays with Olivia

On top of homeschooling, I manage a few social media passion projects. One is Olivia’s growing YouTube channel, which we are about to monetize! We’ve managed to grow the channel to almost 5,000 subscribers, and we have racked up a million views! On late nights like these (1:56 a.m., as of this writing), you will find me crafting YouTube thumbnails, optimizing our content, and editing videos. If Olivia’s still awake, we would brainstorm and collaborate on our next content.

Me and Olivia, my 8-year-old

I have also recently dabbled in new projects, including launching a TikTok account and creating a new Instagram page dedicated to curated home furnishings and finds. I am excited to announce that I am launching my very own YouTube channel soon!

When I am not homeschooling, finishing work commitments, or not busy with creating content, I would probably be working out. Up until June this year, I had done daily Intermittent Fasting (IF), but now I am just doing steady cardio, isometric, and barre workouts. And I eat rice now! I work out late at night, usually at past 10 p.m. or sometimes, at 11 p.m.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to chat about content creation, homeschooling, or parenting. We can also have a friendly conversation to unwind after a tough day at work. I am always up for a chat over a bottle or two.

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