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Meet the Amihan Crew: Patricia Bulosan and Her Love for the Outdoors

For this month’s edition of Meet the Crew, we introduce Patricia Bulosan!

Patricia, otherwise known as Pat, is a member of the Cloud Engineering Team (CET) and is an AWS-certified Cloud Practitioner. Part of her duties as a cloud engineer include conducting cloud service operations and research assignments for many clients. She is also quite active outside of her work schedule- she loves to hike mountains and drive around her bicycle.

We asked her a few questions during her downtime to get to know her more!

What is your name? How would you describe your role in the Amihan Crew?

Pat: I am Patricia Bulosan and I am a cloud engineer in Amihan. You can also call me Pat. My main responsibilities revolve around implementing applications and provisioning and maintaining cloud infrastructure for our client projects.

How has it been working in Amihan so far?

Pat: It has been quite challenging, but I feel assured knowing that there are many opportunities for me to grow. Whenever I encounter a challenge, there always seems to be a lesson to learn from.

Can you give one word to describe Amihan?

Pat: I can say that Amihan is Innovative. The company is constantly updating its technology stack to adapt to the current and future needs of its clients. There is always something new for us to conduct R&D- it also keeps things fresh and exciting!

What’s your favorite thing about Amihan?

Pat: Amihan provides resources for our skill enhancement- we are even allowed to study or do R&D during our idle time. Through setting time for my studies and the support of the People & Culture Team, I was able to get my AWS certification to become a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner. 

What can you share with us outside of your work in Amihan? How about a side gig or a project?

Pat: I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking. I even named my bike, Awper! I also play PC games, cook, and explore the world of coffee.

How does this talent or project help you to have fun or de-stress outside of your work in Amihan?

Pat:  Ensuring I have time for my outdoor activities and learning new skills outside of work helps to strike a balance in my life. Engaging in outdoor activities provides me with a refreshing change of scenery and a break from the digital world.

What other things can you share about your hobbies outside of work?

Pat: Recently, I have dabbled in Muay Thai. I also want to take swimming lessons.

How do your hobbies outside of work make you a better person?

Pat: Having separate time for work and life contributes significantly to my personal growth and well-being. This balance allows me to recharge and maintain a healthy mindset, increase my productivity and allows me to be more creative in my personal life.

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