Big Data and High-Impact Business Analytics

The benefit of creating a big data platform is it allows companies to unleash the power of the data they have been collecting over the…

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PRESS RELEASE: AMIHAN to release a comprehensive Cyber Resilient Infrastructure

Locking your front door is no longer enough. Enterprises must use big data and analytics as new weapons to detect, deflect and deter cyber…

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The Beginner’s Guide to RA 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012)

Companies must take responsibility for their customer information. Here’s how.

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A Beginner’s Guide to DevOps

Established institutions find themselves in a dilemma: how does one adapt and innovate when they are held back by systems, processes,…

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AMIHAN joins the Hyperledger blockchain collaborative

"Amihan is proud to be the first Filipino company to join Hyperledger," said Winston Damarillo, Chairman of Amihan Global Strategies. "We…

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The New Frontier: ASEAN Powered by Blockchain

ASEAN countries must learn to harness the power of blockchain, or else get left behind. In a fast-region region of over 800 million people,…

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The Disruptors: A Scan of Fintech Startups in the Philippines

Technology doesn’t just allow companies to offer more of their own services for less. The internet allows companies to offer things beyond…

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Blockchain Hackathon: Making the Philippines a “Blockchain Bayan”

Developers, entrepreneurs, and students filled the Amihan Innovation Center at the Orient Square Building this past weekend for a…

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Blockchain pioneer Amihan Global Strategies joins Sovrin Network as a Founding Steward

The Sovrin Foundation announced the addition of Manila-based digital transformation company Amihan Global Strategies as a founding Steward…

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Digital Transformation Accelerator Amihan Becomes Premier Member of The Ceph Foundation

Digital transformation accelerator Amihan has announced that it will serve as a premier member of the Ceph Foundation and its global…

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