Mapping Digital Space: Neo4j and How Graph Database are Changing the Way We Use Data

Today, the world’s leading digital enterprises (such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix) have combined to contribute to the largest repository…

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Hyperledger Indy for Self-Sovereign Identity Management

Protecting Identities: Hyperledger Indy for Self-Sovereign Identitity Management

Hyperledger Indy, a distributed ledger system built using blockchain technology, was purpose-built for decentralized identities. This is…

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Tech trends 2020 - Cloud computing, IOT, hyperautomation

Top 5 Tech Trends That Will Shape 2020

Technologies such as AI, data analytics, and blockchain are poised to make breakthroughs this year. Here are the five trends that are sure…

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Amihan shared ideas and possibilities with AI and Data Analytics with C-level business executives.

Amihan Welcomes Digital Transformation Leaders to a CxO Session on Data Analytics and AI

Data analysts and business strategy officers from the banking, insurance, fintech, and real estate development sectors got together last…

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Graphics showing different technologies in data science and analytics

Data Science Solutions for Social Good

Data science for social good is not new, but it has yet to gain popularity in development sectors. Yet, there is a lot of opportunities…

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4 Cases Where Retail Data Analytics Can Give Quick Wins

In retail companies, having limited data should not be a roadblock to achieving a data-driven culture. Decision-makers and managers can…

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Photo showing employee wearing mask as businesses reopen in next normal

Reopening the Economy Safely in the Next Normal

As the Philippines reopens its economy after nearly 3 months of lockdown, businesses face safety challenges. Businesses must put in place…

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A photo of a cellphone with the Zoom app being installed and an open laptop

3 Factors for an Adaptive Culture During The COVID-19 Pandemic

About 3 months after the quarantine, the current situation is still full of uncertainty. The main difference we can see is how we’ve coped…

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cellphone with SafePass app in it

DOT launches SafePass app to help businesses under new normal

Amidst safety and health concerns, the Department of Tourism together with Talino Venture Labs, a partner of Amihan, has launched SafePass…

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business analysts working at a startup

Working as a Business Analyst in Amihan

Working as an SAP consultant and a business analyst for a big cargo firm has its advantages. But Renan Mendoza, our lead business analyst,…

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Digital transformation in the new normal

Road to recovery — digitally enabling your business through this new normal

Businesses need to actively scale up their digital capacities if they want to improve resilience and stay alive in the new normal. Read on…

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A whale shark pictured swimming in the waters of Cebu province, Philippines

DOT: ‘Domestic-focused tourism to allow rollout of digital tools for new normal’

The Department of Tourism continues its rollout of digital tools for its local businesses to safely open amidst on-going safety protocols.…

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