Why Enterprises are Migrating to the Cloud | Amihan Global Strategies
This article will tackle the reasons why most of the enterprises are migrating to the cloud and how Amihan could help in this transition.
Understanding Why We Do What We Do | Amihan Global Strategies
This piece is the start of sending this message out starting from home, our Team. Our purpose clearly defines us as enablers, lovers of data, and connectors of people digitally.
SEG: A Commitment to Continuous Improvement, Every Time | Amihan Global Strategies
The Continuous Improvement tenet dictates that the team and its members have the potential to improve beyond their current capacities. It encompasses several areas: skills, process, communication and generally, how we deliver our services.
Cloud Based Banking: The Future of Banking and Financial Services | Amihan Global Strategies
Most traditional banking and payment systems today have shifted to digital banking services. Now that countries are reviving their economies, more people have adapted to modern technologies.
Amihan Brown Bag Sessions: Monitoring and Alerts through Project Curiosity | Amihan Global Strategies
Amihan's Brown Bag Sessions: Monitoring and Alerts through Project Curiosity
Amihan data science engineers giving a webinar to JG Summit data science teams | Amihan Global Strategies
This collaboration, entitled Into the Unknown: A Deep Dive into the Endless Pit of Understanding Data, seeks to empower and educate the attendees on how data analytics consultants understand data.
Top Brown Bag Session on Automated Unit Testing - Header Image | Amihan Global Strategies
Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dondi Imperial and Senior Software Engineer, Den Domingo, conducted a brown bag for the Fundamentals of Automated Unit Testing.
Top Things to Look for in an Outsourcing Partner | Amihan Global Strategies
Are you ready to go all-in with outsourcing? Great! Here are some points you must consider in choosing the right outsourcing partner.
Top 5 Data Analytics Trends to Consider in Your Strategy | Amihan Global Strategies
To give you even better insights in your data analytics and engineering, here is our fearless forecast for the Top 5 Data Analytics Trends to consider for your strategy this year.
Amihan COVID Task Force with employee featuring care package kit | Amihan Global Strategies
Our Response to the Pandemic- The COVID Task Force