What is the best way to get work done while ensuring customer success and happiness? One of our senior managers talks about the collaborative work culture we instill in our teams.

My role in Amihan is making sure everyone is happy. What? How?!

I follow this simple formula — Present. Agree. Deliver. Repeat. Sounds like your typical dance step routine?

No, that’s just how I do it in Sales. 

Just like any other profession, being a Senior Account Manager in the IT world requires in-depth product knowledge and immense teamwork. Successful business delivery is all about collaboration- I am fortunate to work with subject matter experts from different teams in Amihan. Not only do they help me make my job less stressful, but I also learn ideas and concepts that help add value to our clients.

For example: before I present to our clients, I make sure that the slides in my deck are updated. If there is any new information about our products and services, I make it a point to run it by the Marketing Team. They are the best when it comes to prettifying our presentations. They do not just review the aesthetics of the deck, but they will also inspect the overall messaging of my presentation.

During one instance, the Technology, Engineering and Project Management Teams worked together to deliver an urgent request from one of our clients. How did they do it? They accelerated response time and studied the available data in place. Teamwork and Collaboration are the very core principles in Amihan. It helps the teams to focus on the goal and to deliver projects on time. 

In today’s work setup, effective communication and synergy are paramount to carry out a successful project. Gone are the days when we worked in silos. Happy clients are the product of teamwork and great collaborative work culture.

Olga Bautista-Perez is a Sr. Account Manager in Amihan Global Strategies. When she is not helping clients make sound purchase decisions, she is spending time outdoors, camping, cycling, or going on road trips.