Adapting to
the New Normal

Helping to keep Aboitiz safe through SafePass

Like many companies disrupted by the New Normal, Aboitiz Equity Ventures searched for a solution that could keep their personnel safe and address the need to adapt to ever-changing safety concerns.

Included in the list of requirements for the solution are the ability to perform daily health checks for personnel reporting to the office, site monitoring, and contact tracing to identify personnel in the same area as confirmed, probable, or suspected COVID 19 cases.

Amihan deployed a pilot platform of SafePass to Aboitiz as part of the evaluation process. After being selected, the SafePass team worked closely with the IT Solutions and Physical Assets Security Team to integrate the contact tracing solution with its safety measures and provide continuous technical and maintenance support.

The Solution

Pilot Platform

SafePass Implementation

24/7 Support System

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“Amihan has been very responsive and is always present in providing us support, in spite of the need to adjust to the constantly changing requirements of the government’s protocols. We continue to utilize SafePass in our contact tracing and occupancy management.”

-Andy Torrato
AVP- Physical Assets Security, Aboitiz Equity Ventures