Hybrid data analytics solution for a Utilities Company

A major utilities company wanted to become more data-driven by unifying the data silos within its organization. It also faced challenges in tracking and remediating possible issues in an open toll environment.

Amihan teamed up with the provider to help drive its digital business transformation. Amihan worked with the organization’s implementing team to create a Data Analytics Roadmap and Enablement Strategy, delivering a Technology Execution Roadmap and data governance recommendations. With this new roadmap and strategy, the organization hopes to consolidate and analyze its customer data through thousands of data points across the country.

The Solution

Data Analytics Roadmap and Implementation | Amihan Global Strategies

Data Analytics Roadmap and Implementation

Amihan Analyze | Amihan Global Strategies

Amihan Analyze

Building Analytical Use Cases | Amihan Global Strategies

Building Analytical Use Cases

Amihan sought to operationalize the data and analytics-related processes in the utilities company. This included ingesting data sources for the generation of reports and dashboards, to creating insights and refining customer personas for better utilities efficiency and reduced leakages. These changes would eventually yield improved revenue streams.

The first phase of the plan involved the discovery of applications, data services, and key building blocks for the data analytics roadmap. After that, a technology execution roadmap aligned with the company’s business strategy, and high-level data governance recommendations were created. The second phase involved the deployment of Amihan’s data analytics platform, Amihan Analyze, the development of initial use cases, and knowledge transfer sessions with the client’s data science team.

Amihan worked with the client to deploy Amihan Analyze in a hybrid cloud environment, using AWS as its public cloud service. The Amihan team is nearing completion of this project and will start an expansion phase to build additional analytic use cases.

An Analytics platform for many use cases.

Parse through data siloes and find insights that support your business strategy.
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