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Devcon Pro Summit 2023: Supporting Developers and Technology for Impact

DEVCON, the largest technology-oriented non-profit community formed by tech professionals and enthusiasts in the Philippines, staged the Devcon Pro Summit 2023. Held last October 20 in Whitespace Manila, it is a 1-day event for professional developers to convene and share ideas on innovations that can form a lasting impact on society.

Featuring the theme Technology for Impact,  the summit hosted speakers from many fields, ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), equitable financial solutions, and the ethical implications of the use of emerging technologies. The event was also a great opportunity for developers and tech experts, lovingly called ‘geeks’, to network and learn in the community.

Amihan Global Strategies is a close partner of DEVCON and has supported many of its events for years. Here are just some of the key insights members of our team picked up during the Summit.

Ethelyn Anne Consista, Quality Assurance Engineer

Attending the DEVCON Pro Summit made me realize how important and big the tech industry is and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. There were a lot of technical terms and concepts that I learned, and the event made me realize that there is always room to grow. Technology is evolving fast and there should always be the desire and passion to keep up with new developments. In effect, the fields of expertise are also expanding, so there’s always that opportunity for everyone to work in different fields and upgrade their skills.

I have also realized after the event that there is a big knowledge gap between the general public and those exposed to technology- we have the responsibility to also “bring them to our boat” so that they are informed. This is especially true when it comes to data and security. 

William Philip Paderan, Sr. Software Engineer

The insights I gained from the DEVCON Pro Summit were truly invigorating, offering me the opportunity to stay current with the latest industry technologies. The event delved into various subjects, including generative AI, the practical and ethical applications of AI, and an insightful discussion about the future of DevOps during panel sessions. Additionally, I had the privilege of listening firsthand to Tom Fisher, a distinguished figure in the tech world, who shared invaluable insights.

In retrospect, my experience at the event has ignited a sense of curiosity within me, inspiring me to maintain a continuous interest in the tech field. Let’s embrace our inner tech geek!

Hart Janssen Ang, Digital Marketing Lead

It was amazing to see the geeks in action and sharing what they were creating in their own fields at the DEVCON Pro Summit. Their passion is infectious and I look forward to the other innovations the community can create. What stood out to me was Albert Padin’s demonstration where he created AI-powered chatbots on the stage in minutes! I also resonated with the panel guests who focused on the importance of educating young developers to be the next generation of technology leaders. While it is true that there are nations more advanced in terms of technological development, we do not have to look far to find the people and drive we need to succeed and prosper.

The geeks of today have so much to offer in terms of potential growth and opportunities. They are also not afraid to have fun doing what they love! We look forward to working with DEVCON on endeavors that will spur digital transformation for the good of all.


DEVCON is the Philippines’ largest community of developers and future geeks. The organization’s mission is to promote collaborative growth and global competence of Filipino developers in the academe and IT industry by providing a unique venue for everyone to Sync, Support, and Succeed.

Since 2013, the organization has been hosting the biggest developer conference in the country – DEVCON Summit, a tech summit with highly curated sessions, featuring some of the known speakers and companies in areas from software development and data science to AI, the future of work, and more.

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