Empowering the organization’s structure, leadership, and people to digitally transform

Becoming an innovator and a leader in the banking industry called for moving from disparate data systems to an integrated data platform, from a low understanding of customers to a data-driven 360-degree customer view, and from legacy IT systems to a more responsive and modern architecture.

Establishing a forward-looking Enterprise Architecture allows our Client to explore and deliver new digital banking innovations and value-added services that elevate the customer experience.

Our Work

Customer Stories: Digital Banking- Enterprise Architecture Consulting | Amihan Global Strategies

Enterprise Architecture 

Customer Stories: Digital Banking- Data & Analytics Strategy and Cybersecurity Assessment | Amihan Global Strategies

Data & Analytics Strategy and
Cybersecurity Assessment

Customer Stories: Digital Banking- IT Infrastructure Roadmap | Amihan Global Strategies

IT Infrastructure

Amihan provided Enterprise Architecture Consulting services to enable our Client to build its digital banking infrastructure.

The Enterprise architecture Consulting was divided into two phases.
Phase 1 focused on defining an enterprise-wide architecture. In addition, Amihan also worked on the following:

  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Capability Ramp-up Strategy
  • Big Data and Analytics Consumption Strategy
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Assessment

For Phase 2, Amihan rendered process mapping, gap analysis, IT review and assessment, and development of an IT infrastructure roadmap. The assessments included: technology infrastructure review, IT operations process review, IT development process review, IT operations, and IT people and capability assessment.

With this engagement, our client has evolved to become more digitally mature and is now more responsive in meeting its customers’ banking needs. 

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