Designing an Enterprise Web Portal for Aboitiz

Delivering Information Faster

Aboitiz’s NewsWire, the company’s news monitoring platform, was last updated in 2015 and is currently hosted in AWS. However, the management team identified key challenges and improvements that required rebuilding the application.

The news site is accessed by various business units under the Aboitiz Group, covering all digital and print articles that mention the conglomerate. Additionally, the site functions as a repository of all articles from verified sources.

Amihan conducted design sessions with the Aboitiz Media Relations Team and submitted its findings and recommendations. These recommendations led to creating a more efficient web application with an updated, modern look and more intuitive interface and user experience.

The Solution

Planning  and Design Sessions

Strategy Roadmap

Application and Web optimization

Aboitiz Company Logo

“Our team’s first engagement with Amihan is for the Design Architecture of a news monitoring platform that badly needs updating. They managed to facilitate and turn otherwise tedious sessions into informative discussions and a great experience overall.

Amihan’s team is a pleasure to work with – shows a great deal of professionalism, has a sense of urgency, is responsive, and accommodating. I appreciate the innovative ideas and forward-thinking solutions that they’ve presented without overwhelming the client’s original project intent.”

-Thet Mesias
Media Relations Manager, Aboitiz Equity Ventures