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Container orchestration is critical for cloud-native digital transformation. Kubernetes, an open-source system for deploying, scaling, and operating containerized applications at scale, helps to simplify the management of cloud-native and microservices applications.

Bring agility, quality, and efficiency to your cloud-native journey today with Kubernetes.

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Amihan has certified competency and experience in helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes. Our Kubernetes Service offerings include Kubernetes Consulting and Professional Services, as well as Training Services and Support for Kubernetes.

We work with your DevOps or DevSecOps team on best practices and help you implement Kubernetes with all the major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

Kubernetes Services

Amihan’s team of Kubernetes experts has the collective experience to help you with container strategy, Kubernetes, microservices, distributed systems, cloud migration, and other cloud-native tools.

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Cloud-Native Architecture Consulting and Design

Helping you build a strategy, providing architecture assessment and design consultation for mission-critical applications

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Multi-cloud Kubernetes Strategy

Multi-cloud strategy using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and private cloud offerings, including Amihan Cloud Blocks

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Cloud-Native DevOps Consulting

Getting your team up to speed on DevOps practices and helping to structure your teams to take advantage of the automation and scalability Kubernetes offers

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Cloud Migration Services

Delivering a seamless cloud migration experience to help you achieve agility and time-to-market

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Managed Kubernetes Services and Cloud Infrastructure Management

24/7 IT management of your cloud infrastructure and applications

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Microservices and Container Security Engineering

We help ensure your applications deployments and operations overcome the challenges of many moving parts and risks

Meet our Cloud Partners

We support enterprises who work with our partners in the cloud or on-premise deployments.

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Transform your Business through Kubernetes

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