Deploying a Content Management System for NCS using Alfresco Content Services

NCS is a multinational technology and communications company headquartered in Singapore. NCS offers services to help clients across the APAC region accelerate their digital transformation journeys. 

The company has experts that rely heavily on proper and strict documentation of every project. These confidential documents of NCS are stored on their on-premise Sharepoint, with over 7,000 employees using it to access files.

NCS’s IT team wanted to implement a centralized storage solution with governance management to reduce business risk and strengthen compliance. Amihan was brought in to figure out how NCS and Alfresco can work together.

Our Work

Customer Stories: NCS and Alfresco- Infrastructure Discovery | Amihan Global Strategies

Infrastructure Discovery

Customer Stories: NCS and Alfresco- Deployment Planning | Amihan Global Strategies

Deployment Planning

Customer Stories: NCS and Alfresco- ACS Installation | Amihan Global Strategies

Alfresco Content Services Installation

Amihan was approached by NCS to help them in installing and configuring the deployment of Alfresco Content Services (ACS) for their servers. 
ACS is a full-featured enterprise content management system that allows organizations to create and manage content, scan and capture important documents, collaborate with colleagues, and provide information governance.

The project with NCS involved the deployment and configuration of the ACS platform in enabling and consolidating access to NCS’s extensive documents. The project also highlighted the need to provide appropriate permissions and access based on user roles.

The NCS and Alfresco project involved working on the following key steps:

  • Infrastructure Discovery
  • Deployment Planning
  • ACS Installation

Installing and Optimizing Alfresco

Amihan’s engineers assisted the NCS infrastructure team in installing their instance of ACS, which included proper installation, configuration, and further integrations with the company’s systems. The Sustaining Engineering team (SEG) also led and conducted further optimization of NCS’s infrastructure to better utilize ACS.

As part of its optimization efforts, the SEG team recently implemented improvements to NCS’s system- a data backup solution and Alfresco Desktop Sync installation:

Customer Stories: NCS and Alfresco- Data Backup Solution | Amihan Global Strategies

Data Backup Solution

The backup solution enables NCS to safeguard critical data by creating backups and restoring them in the event of a disaster.

Customer Stories: NCS and Alfresco- Alfresco Desktop Sync | Amihan Global Strategies

Alfresco Desktop Sync

The desktop sync feature allows users to download their files from Alfresco onto their local machines, allowing for offline use and seamless file uploads once they reconnect to ACS.

Following the successful completion of the migration and optimization processes, NCS continues to run ACS on its infrastructure without any issues. This is attributed to the exceptional performance of the SEG team, earning Amihan a long-term maintenance and support agreement with NCS.

As a result of the engagement, NCS can leverage its technology and expertise to better serve its partners.

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