Engage and delight a new breed of digital customers through mobile

Amihan NIMBLE™ is a mobile-as-a-service platform designed with Firebase that enables businesses to deliver great customer experiences. NIMBLE™ allows them to create and deploy mobile applications quickly and easily by using pre-built features that are tailored to meet specific business goals.

Features Geared towards a Digital Customer

Gamified Loyalty, Personalized Recommendations, Flexible Payments, Location Push, and Electronic Vouchers


Modular design allows it to be smoothly adapt to different business requirements and accommodate sophisticated business rules.


Designed to take full advantage of cloud computing to permit continuous delivery and automated scalability.


Integrates with third-party systems such as CRMs to power your mobile moments with rich data and insights for intelligent engagement.

Endless Combinations of Features

Mix and match to your businesses' needs.

Sample Combination

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