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Top Things to Look for in an Outsourcing Partner

Are you ready to go all-in with outsourcing? Great! Here are some points you must consider in choosing the right outsourcing partner.

As companies expand, they often acquire the services of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider. From customer care support to back-office outsourcing services, BPO companies have become the invisible helping hand of every company. They can take a significant load off businesses and their overhead, allowing them to focus on core competencies, help reduce costs, increase savings, optimize workflow, and enhance customer experience. 

However, the demand for outsourcing has immensely increased over the decade. This was apparent in the pandemic where enterprises were forced to accelerate their digital transformation almost overnight, leading to the growth of many BPO service providers. With many available agencies offering a vast array of services, choosing the perfect outsourcing provider for your company is crucial. So how do you find the BPO provider that will fit your enterprise?

More than just a Provider, Look for a Partner

Choosing to outsource is critical because you would have to delegate a function or service to a completely different entity outside your company. Whoever you choose must play the part of a partner rather than just a supplier. Assess your options carefully. Do they value the same things that are vital to you and your customers? Are they open to collaborating? Will they be flexible with timelines and transparent enough to share their insights and key findings that may affect your business?

Must have a Solid Track Record

With the continuous rise of the BPO industry, some relatively newer providers can provide you with cheaper rates, but hiring an outsourcing provider with years of experience is still the optimum choice. An experienced BPO provider will have deep domain expertise and the knowledge to deal with challenging business processes. Validate their roster of clients. Have they worked with industry leaders, large conglomerates, or quick-service establishments? Read about their customer success stories and check if they have the depth of expertise you are looking for. The firm’s experience in different industries can attest to its competitive edge over other companies that offer similar services.

Can Scale with your Growing Business

Look for an outsourcing company that can rapidly scale with your business goals. Can they provide the services you currently need and anticipate and deliver the services you might need in the future? Can they promptly give you a fair costing to get the engagement started? Can they integrate all of your existing systems without monumental delays? One of the most significant barriers when innovating is the ‘speed-to-market.’ With the constantly evolving technological landscape, it is important to have an agile BPO partner who can work with you at any time zone and can conduct 24/7 operations to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Communication is Key

Like any other partnership, communication is vital. When your BPO partner values good communication, rest assured that they will remain committed to running efficient operations.

In addition, look for a BPO partner whose work culture exhibits empathy. Are they patient and accommodating? Are they genuine in helping you look for solutions for you and your customers? Are they able to service customers in international markets where English is the main language? Are their specialists able to perform at a high level, but also exhibit customer empathy and have a ‘heart for service’? It’s not enough that your provider is a high-tech company; they must be high-touch as well. They must have the right balance of technology and people.

Wrapping up, these are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind when looking for your next BPO partner. Take your time to research and compare your candidates until you find the perfect outsourcing partner!

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