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Owndays Partners with Amihan to Elevate Customer Experiences

September 22 (Manila, Philippines) – Digital transformation leader Amihan Global Strategies Phils, Inc. (Amihan) has announced a strategic partnership with Owndays, a leading Japanese eyewear brand, to use digital technology to create more engaging customer experiences. 

“Partnering with companies to develop digital strategies and enabling them to focus on building better customer engagement is what we do,” Amihan CEO and President Jerry Rapes said. 

Owndays Managing Director Vohne Yao with Amihan Global Strategies President Jerry Rapes at the Owndays store in SM Megamall | Amihan Global Strategies
Owndays’ Managing Director, Vohne Yao and the president of Amihan Global Strategies, Jerry Rapes,
at the Owndays flagship store in SM Megamall.

Owndays is determined to take the lead and transform the future of optical retail. Its Philippine partner, Sungears Sales Inc., represented by Managing Director Vohne Yao said, “We believe that digital platforms are going to change how we engage with our customers.” 

“Being a Japanese brand, Owndays is known for providing good quality eyewear at a reasonable price. What we also want to pair that with is a great customer experience, every single time.”

“We want to invest in technology that allows us to have full visibility of all our data across our customer touchpoints and our inventory channels, so we can improve our operations and serve our customers better.”

“We are delighted to work with Amihan to develop our digital capabilities. Amihan’s agile and customer-centric approach is an excellent match with our mission of providing the highest level of experience to our customers.”

Jerry said, “We are very excited to partner with Owndays to create value-enhancing customer experiences. We’ve worked with companies in Asia and our team of strategists, experience designers, and tech experts bring immense insight and expertise.”

“We look forward to helping Owndays unlock more personalized customer experiences, build customer loyalty through curated rewards, and ultimately, increase their sales.”

About Amihan

Amihan is a consulting and technology company founded with the goal of helping companies digitally transform. 

Amihan helps businesses seize opportunities, transform customer experiences, and build capabilities through world-class digital, data, and cloud services. Our core services include Digital Strategy Consulting, Innovation as a Service, Cloud Enablement Services, and Sustaining Engineering Services. We also have a portfolio of cloud and data analytics solutions.

For more information about Amihan, visit https://amihan.net

About Owndays

OWNDAYS is a leading eyewear brand from Japan with more than 400 shops in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, and Dubai. The company sells over 2.5 million pairs of glasses a year. It is one of the few companies in the world that have implemented the SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) system into the optical business where the entire process from design and manufacturing through to inventory management and retail is managed from within. This system has allowed the company to maintain the highest level of product quality in order to meet the Japanese Industrial Standards while keeping prices affordable.

OWNDAYS offers a wide variety of high-quality frames in more than 1,500 styles suited for any lifestyle – functional and fashionable. The frame prices range from Php 1,990 – 7,990, this includes single vision, ultra-thin, hard, multi-coated lenses with no additional fee regardless of the high grade or astigmatism.

OWNDAYS also sees the value of time – customers can expect to have their pair ready 20 minutes after payment.

For more information, visit www.owndays.com/ph