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Improving Standards for Success: Insights from the Amihan SEG Team Workshop

The Amihan SEG Team held their three-day planning workshop last February 28 to March 2, 2023, where they discussed their plans throughout the year; aligning their goals for individual upskilling, establishing standardized process improvements, and evaluating existing procedures for better quality support delivery.

The Sustaining Engineering Group, or SEG, is comprised of engineers and operations experts tasked to maintain, monitor, support, and improve the various products and services Amihan has deployed for clients. The team follows the Continuous Improvement principle to standardize process improvements for client needs. Apart from that, they are also tasked with driving innovation and creating new insights for future maintenance and support engagements.

The workshop started with the teams’ Kamustahan, wherein team members talked and listened to each other’s current endeavors to fulfill current tasks. Team members also discussed further the ongoing process improvements based on SEG standardization, the ability to do bug fixing, release updates, and performance optimization. The team’s mission, which is to offer Amihan’s clients high-quality support, is also established during the workshop. 

 ( SEG Team’s workshop conducted at Orient Square, Pasig City, March 2, 2023)

One of the team’s main areas of focus was making sure that the support services they deliver met the highest quality standards. The team would need to integrate a number of quality assurance procedures to optimize current clients’ platforms and applications workflows. These procedures will aid the team in foreseeing upcoming issues or inoperable platforms, ultimately leading to better support engagements. During the discussion, Adalia emphasized the integral role of the team, explaining that “We are not the pawns on the chess board, but the Queen- a piece that will make sure the King (Amihan) is safe.”

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 The importance of overseeing and counseling the rest of the Amihan SEG team on any project improvements or change requests was also emphasized during the workshop. In order to ensure that the fixes are carried out correctly and effectively, this involves sourcing parts as needed, managing vendor issues with the Operations team, and directing or developing processes. The capacity to assess equipment performance in order to pinpoint elements that might be influencing performance was noted as another crucial responsibility. Making data-driven decisions about how to enhance products and procedures can be done using this information. The group also talked about the significance of listening to client complaints regarding the sub-par product or service quality and offering suggestions for improvements.  

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It was brought up during the workshop that Amihan is committed to supporting each SEG team member’s upskilling. The members are taking up certifications in widely used industry technology stacks, such as Kubernetes, AWS, and GCP. By earning these certifications, SEG will be able to expand their knowledge and expertise which empowers them to provide their clients exemplary support services and they will stay current with industry best practices and emerging trends. By investing through professional development to remain at the forefront of industry trends and standards, the team will also secure offering their clients even better maintenance and support services.

 Overall, the workshop conducted by Amihan’s SEG Team was thorough and covered every important facet of their roles and responsibilities. The team is in a great position to provide outstanding products and support to clients by putting a strong emphasis on collaboration and continuous improvement. 

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