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Happy New Year to our Team, Customers, Partners, and Friends of Amihan!

2021 made Amihan realize that in the most difficult circumstances, such as the COVID 19 pandemic, shifts continue to happen.  One has the option to succumb to these challenges or to thrive in this shift.  But how can we thrive? This was a conversation we had with a lot of our customers last year.

Three interesting things came up in all of these conversations:

  • The digital shift we talk about every day at Amihan is accelerating everywhere. The question all our customers and partners are asking is not whether they should take the digital shift now or later, but, how fast they should go.
  • The timeline to make this shift happen is not 12 to 18 months but 90 to 120 days. Some folks even want the timeline shorter and the services more sophisticated. 
  • The delivery model is more collaborative than before. Due to changed expectations in the timeline, it is best to use readily available components and services and to collaborate with experts who can make the shift happen seamlessly.

2022 will be about managing these shifts. Let’s get it on!

Jerry Rapes | Amihan Global Strategies

Jerry Rapes

January 3, 2022