Data Simplified in the Cloud

Amihan and Snowflake

The Snowflake Data Cloud Platform removes data silos and simplifies how organizations work with their data. Run a seamless data architecture that offers optimized storage, has access to multiple cloud services, and can work with a large variety of use cases.
  • Speed up time-to-insight
  • Simplify Data Workloads
  • Run Multiple Data Pipelines
  • Run Analytics in the Cloud
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Setting up a Data Foundation

Amihan teamed up with a leading utilities provider to help drive its digital business transformation through data analytics.

Amihan worked with the organization’s implementing team to create a Data Analytics Roadmap and Enablement Strategy, delivering a Technology Execution Roadmap, and data governance recommendations.

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Industry-Leading Data Analytics for Enterprises

Data Lake

Take advantage of the elasticity and optimized storage of data lakes. Use unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data together with built-in governance.


Unite transactional and analytical data for a simplified and well-governed data architecture. Reduce the number of databases and pipelines used for faster point operations.
Snowflake is a cloud-based data analytics and engineering solution that is quickly becoming the preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. 
A SaaS platform easy to set up and use, set up your data team for sustained, long-term success.


Create multiple data streams and batch data pipelines in SQL, Python, Java,or Scala using Snowpark’s libraries. Snowpark allows for more consistent performance at lower CAPEX.


Future-proof your organization. Use Large Language Models in your data analytics workloads, without the need for advanced coding or AI knowledge.

The One Solution for Your Data Needs

Derive insights with velocity, eliminate data silos in your organization, and simplify your data architecture through the cloud with Snowflake.

Amihan can provide a team of data architects and engineers using Snowflake to help you create a data analytics roadmap. Accelerate your organization’s data transformation today.

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A Data Platform for Various Use Cases

Connect with us to discover how Snowflake can accelerate your business.