Software Architect

We are looking for a Software Architect to join our growing technology team.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for communicating with clients to determine their requirements, creating a comprehensive solutions plan, and leading software engineers as they develop innovative software products.

A Software Architect in Amihan must collaborate with other cross-functional teams and develop high-level product specifications with attention to system integration and feasibility.

Other responsibilities of the position include:

  • Use tools and methodologies to create representations for functions and user interface of the desired product
  • Help define and govern all aspects of development, from appropriate technology and workflow, to coding standards
  • Communicate successfully all concepts and guidelines to the development team
  • Oversee the progress of the development team to ensure consistency with the initial design
  • Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers

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Trust is a key component of our culture and we are looking for people who can be trusted to deliver for our global customers. Everyone plays a role, working relentlessly towards a common goal.


  • Have a passion for digital and technology
  • Think every task whether big or small deserves the same care and attention
  • Think out of the box
  • Are a problem-solver, an innovator, and a forward-thinker

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