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Enabling Rapid Software Engineering

Businesses are being disrupted with constantly changing customer expectations, advancements in technology, and new forms of competition.

Whether you are in the process of starting or accelerating your digital transformation, Amihan can help. Our high-velocity engineering teams will help you accelerate the delivery of your software engineering products, increase code quality, and streamline your production deployment pipeline.

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Innovation as a Service

Our multi-disciplinary engineers lead our clients through the shift from legacy systems and processes to next-generation software platforms, technologies, and methods that enable them to address evolving business and technology challenges and requirements.

Agile Software Development for Cross Functional Teams | Amihan Global Strategies

Agile Software Development

Iterative software development, incremental delivery, self-organizing, and cross-functional teams
DevOps best-in-market practices for better code delivery | Amihan Global Strategies


Get your team up-to-speed on DevOps best practices and help them take advantage of the quicker time-to-market it offers
Cloud Strategy and Engineering with the use of Kubernetes technology | Amihan Global Strategies

Cloud Strategy and Engineering

Applying infrastructure upgrades using cloud and containerization technologies, such as Kubernetes

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Sustaining Engineering

24/7 engineering team that ensures your infrastructure and applications are up and running

Our Technology Partners

We are proud partners with industry leaders in Digital Transformation, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Engineering, and Analytics.

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