Amihan data science engineers giving a webinar to JG Summit data science teams | Amihan Global Strategies
Last April 21, Amihan had a webinar with JG Summit Holdings, one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines. This collaboration, entitled Into the Unknown: A Deep Dive into the Endless Pit of Understanding Data, seeks to empower and educate the attendees on how data analytics consultants understand data.

Two of our company’s Data practitioners, Data Science Consultant Rikki Lee – Mendiola and Data Analyst Ian Jae Abella, had the opportunity to share their work experiences on how they understand and process the data of our customers. The speakers explained how important it is for companies to have all the necessary information, protocols, documentation, and good manual infrastructure to have successful digital transformation.

Data Science Consultant Rikki Lee-Mendiola giving a webinar on interpreting data for big data projects.
Data Science Consultant Rikki Lee – Mendiola shares the ingredients for successful big data projects.

According to Rikki and Ian, a successful large-scale data project has three ingredients; Platform, Data, and the Team. After reviewing these, data consultants can assess whether the setup is ready for digital transformation. Another part important in stakeholder involvement is the creation of a strategic plan – the organizational requirements, the architecture, and the governance framework – for how the organization will operate. Scoping is another important aspect – what is the context of, need for, the vision of, and outcomes after the project.

Through the discussion, we look forward to building initiatives that will inspire future data analysts to adhere to best practices for creating the right business analytics solutions and to encourage companies to consider adapting digital innovations and infrastructure. This will allow them to gain a better understanding of how consumers behave, and their problems, and make data-driven decisions. 

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Bernadette Valerio is an experienced graphic designer and marketing associate in Amihan.