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Understanding Why We Do What We Do

The ever-changing business environment introduces many challenges and many unknowns which puts us in situations where we lose focus on why we – as a company – do what do. A few weeks back, our Amihan Leadership Team got together to confront this question and we all realized that finding the answer wasn’t as simple as we thought it would be.

Taking a step back

We started this process by taking a step back to learn how great companies have answered this question themselves.  We read and listened to the Start with Why book by Simon Sinek and it provided a fresh perspective on how we as a company can start with why

Getting together

Due to the pandemic, it has been a while since we all got together physically to share ideas. We missed this experience of being able to put a face to a name, be able to draw on a whiteboard, and argue about what we think is best for the company. Call me old school but those two days together cleared out roadblocks, built closer relationships, and allowed us to engage more collaboratively than we ever did online.

Thinking outside the box

One of the greatest outcomes of getting together and prefacing the concept of a clean slate allowed the Team to think outside the box. It was when we were in the “zone” where there was no limit or barrier that we see what our purpose as a company is. We were able to answer the questions, “Why do we exist, and why we are valuable”. The daily grind never allowed us to think this way, to ask existential questions, and be more human.

Articulating the Why

If you cannot express your purpose simply and clearly, you don’t know what it is. It sounds simple, but it’s really not. We argued for hours, a lot of food and coffee was involved, and finally, cocktails and beer capped the night. Our Team emerged with a common purpose for Amihan – Enabling Data-Driven Digital Experiences.

Sending the message home

This piece is the start of sending this message out starting from home, our Team. Our purpose clearly defines us as enablers, lovers of data, and connectors of people digitally. Hopefully, every day that passes makes this purpose clearer for the Amihan Team, allowing us to share the purpose with our partners clearly, and making digital connections for people smoother.  

Enabling Data-Driven Digital Experiences

Jerry Rapes

July 7, 2022