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We are proud partners with industry leaders in Digital Transformation, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Analytics, ECM, Cybersecurity, and Identify Verification.

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Our team of experts provides world-class business solutions

Modern and Scalable Infrastructure | Amihan Global Strategies
Conquer the Cloud. Deploying Cloud Infrastructure such as AWS allows for the rapid deployment of applications and services at scale.
Continuous Innovation | Amihan Global Strategies
Work with our IT experts and engineers. Our Retained Development teams use agile development practices for faster delivery of IT solutions.
Relevant Data and Analytics | Amihan Global Strategies
We can guide you in creating a foundation for data analytics. We use Snowflake to accelerate data pipelines and achieve faster results.
Resilient Operations | Amihan Global Strategies
Our Sustaining Engineering team can provide 24/7 maintenance and support for critical infrastructure, platforms, and applications.

What’s New

Customer Stories: Innovating of Digital Financial Services

We helped streamline the software development cycle of one of the leading digital banks in the country. Read up on how we sped up innovation through deep collaboration, at scale.

Snowflake Data Cloud Platform for AI Ready Data Analytics

Snowflake is the leading cloud-based data analytics solution preferred by many enterprises. See how the SaaS platform can be your solution to accelerate your work with data.

Alfresco Enterprise Consulting
and Content Management Services

Alfresco is a suite of content and process management tools for enterprises. Amihan is a licensed systems integrator for Alfresco Consulting and Development Services.

We are trusted by Industry Leaders

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Our Blog

Snowflake and Cloudera : A Detailed Analysis

Snowflake and Cloudera are leading data platforms that offer features and scalability ideal for enterprises. We list down these features and for a detailed analysis of their viability.

Edgar Alan Rosaroso’s Journey in the Amihan Crew

Meet Edgar Alan Rosaroso, a QE Engineer in the Amihan’s Crew. His dedication, skill, and passion have been a positive force in the workplace. Read on to learn more.

Amihan Global Strategies joins Smart Digital Retail Philippines 2.0

Amihan’s Director for Marketing, Ms. Macel Legaspi will be moderating a panel on Digital Payments Transformation in the Philippines at the Smart Digital Retail Philippines 2.0.

People of Amihan

As a dynamic company that thrives on innovation, we are always in search of problem-solvers, change-makers, and forward-thinkers to help us drive the digital transformation of our partners.

“Amihan’s culture is all about innovation, teamwork, and continuous learning. We value our team members and empower them to create lasting digital transformation.”

Kristiane Mae Perez, People and Culture Lead

Customer Stories

Amihan - Customer Stories | Amihan Global Strategies

Designing Better Experiences

“Our partnership with Amihan has been pivotal in enhancing our ability to create solutions for accessible insurance, seamless cross-border finance, and inclusive open banking infrastructure.

Amihan experts guide us in every step of the software lifecycle so that we can rapidly deliver with quality engineering.” -Talino Venture Studios

Accelerating enterprise transformation requires a combination of the right strategy, sound technical knowledge, and collaborative execution. Discover how we are partnering with our clients in the Philippines and around the world to shape their digital and data-driven future.

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