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We are composed of multidisciplinary talents with technology, engineering, and deep domain expertise in banking, insurance, retail, telecoms, and healthcare.

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Technology Partners

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Market Leader in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, and Software Engineering Innovation

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Software Engineering

Accelerate Digital Transformation through Rapid Software Engineering

Our multi-disciplinary software engineers can guide you through your shift from legacy software to next-generation applications. Whether you are in the process of starting or accelerating your digital transformation, we can help.
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Data and Analytics

Are you effective in collecting, managing, and in using your data?

With Amihan Analyze, enterprises can leverage insights to gain competitive advantage, maximize efficiency, increase revenue, and create better customer engagement.
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Cloud Engineering

Amihan provides end-to-end cloud services to guide you on your cloud journey. 

We can help you design a cloud strategy and roadmap that supports your growing business needs. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to use best practices in DevSecOps, infrastructure-as-code, and agile cloud-native development.

We are trusted by industry leaders.

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Filipinos and Web3: The Growing Metaverse | Amihan Global Strategies

Filipinos and Web3:
A Growing Metaverse

Many Filipinos are quite familiar with the new age of the Web, from play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, the Metaverse, to purchasing cryptocurrencies. 

Why Enterprises are Migrating
to the Cloud

What are the benefits of migrating to the cloud? This article will tackle the reasons why most enterprises are migrating to the cloud and how Amihan could help in this transition.

Web 3.0: The New Era of the Web | Amihan Global Strategies

Web 3.0: The Era
of the Web

Web 3.0 is the third generation of the evolution of web technologies and is used in many website and application services. But how did it evolve and what are its advantages?

Customer Success

Customer Success Stories | Amihan Global Strategies

Designing Better Experiences

Delivering Information faster for Aboitiz

Accelerating digital transformation requires a combination of the right strategy, sound technical knowledge, and collaborative execution.

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